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#DecentJobsWeek: Time to end the two-tier workforce

Shift worker

17 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

If the government is to be believed we should all be feeling more secure because the numbers in employment are rising. However, the reality is very different for many in precarious work, where exploitation is the norm and there is no prospect of escape or hope that things will improve. Employers argue that flexible contracts are good…

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Migration: putting tackling exploitation first

Owen Tudor

15 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

Labour leader Ed Miliband announced today that he wants to address a concern that unions have been raising about migration: its use by unscrupulous employers (and, indeed, any employer who thinks they can get away with it) to cut their labour costs by undermining previous terms and conditions. The TUC has been calling for migrants to be…

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The Benefit Cap: is it worthwhile?

Richard Exell

15 Dec 2014, by in Society & Welfare

The Department for Work and Pensions has just published their evaluation of the impact of the Benefit Cap in its first year. The Cap is a limit to the maximum amount of working age benefits a family can receive – for families with children, £500 a week (*). How has the policy fared? The government…

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Lima blog #6: Unions must influence country commitments

Philip Pearson

15 Dec 2014, by in Environment

In solidarity and shared purpose, the international trade union delegation and its Peruvian hosts worked their socks off inside the Lima climate conference.  Outside it, the Peoples Summit enriched the city centre, and 20,000 marched on the UN for climate justice. But the conference itself largely turned its back on civil society, with governments failing…

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#DecentJobsWeek: Too poor to be off sick

Hannah Reed

15 Dec 2014, by in Working Life

Until recently all of us assumed that when we are off sick we would still be paid, whether through a sick pay scheme negotiated by a trade union, through a company sick pay policy or, in the absence of these, through statutory sick pay (SSP). This seems perfectly reasonable in 21st century Britain.  No one…

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