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Qatar: horrific abuse of migrant domestic workers

Owen Tudor

23 Apr 2014, by in International

Our friends at Amnesty International have issued a new report demonstrating the horrific conditions affecting migrant domestic workers in the Gulf state of Qatar. It follows their research into the working conditions affecting migrant construction workers involved in building the facilities for the 2022 World Cup. As the International Trade Union Co0nfederation (ITUC) has revealed,…

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Today’s employment figures

Richard Exell

16 Apr 2014, by in Labour market

I have a post at Left Foot Forward, looking at today’s labour market figures. We are going to hear more demands for higher interest rates, now that pay is growing at a faster rate than inflation, but I argue that this is not because pay rises are high, but because inflation is low. The unemployment…

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Modern Slavery Bill – Update

Sean Bamford

14 Apr 2014, by in Working Life

Last week saw the publication of the Joint Committee’s Report on the Draft Modern Slavery Bill. The Joint Committee being drawn from members of the House of Lords and Commons. It is a thorough piece of work which gives support to every concern expressed in the TUC’s own evidence and provides solutions where appropriate. Whilst…

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Credible policies could turn carbon tide

Philip Pearson

14 Apr 2014, by in Environment

A vision for an investing global economy, driving new jobs and skills in low carbon technologies, with governments collaborating on policy and competing industrially, can optimistically be drawn from the UN’s new climate change study. With carbon emissions accelerating, dangerous climate change may be as likely under current pledges to cut emissions. But the UN argues, time and tide are…

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More than two in five new jobs created since mid-2010 have been self-employed

Anjum Klair

14 Apr 2014, by in Labour market

Our latest analysis on self-employment shows that since mid-2010 the rise in self-employment has accounted for 44 percent of the net rise in employment. With pensioners, part time workers and ‘odd jobbers’ being the fastest growing groups among Britain’s new self – employed workforce.   While the number of employees has only just reached pre-recession…

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US Senators’ beef with TTIP

Owen Tudor

11 Apr 2014, by in International

Hard on the heels of US lawmaker concerns about cheese, Senators are now asking not so much “where’s the beef?” as Sen Mondale famously did in his 1984 Presidential primary campaign, as “where’s the beef from?”  Their beef is about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the European Union demand that when a…

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