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NHS workers are striking for us all

NHS workers on picket line

21 Nov 2014, by in Public services

This Monday will see the second day of strike action by NHS workers in a dispute with the government that seeks to deny a recommended 1 per cent pay rise. This dispute cuts to the very heart of the crisis building within our health service as a result of the unprecedented funding squeeze imposed by…

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Three ways to be unhappy about your job

Nigel Stanley

20 Nov 2014, by in Working Life

This is the fourth post about the recent YouGov poll on attitudes to work commissioned by the TUC. YouGov used sophisticated statistical techniques to divide the workforce into five groups based on similar patterns of responses. Two of these contained people with positive attitudes to their job as their strongest characteristic. You can read more…

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Women’s Aid to deliver their SOS signal to Downing Street

Siân Hawkins

19 Nov 2014, by in Equality

Since 2010, 17% of specialist women’s refuges have been lost. In the first financial quarter of this year alone 10 specialist services have closed parts of their operation. These hazardous closures are predominantly due to local authority budget cuts and some extremely poor local commissioning practices. Inappropriate commissioning practices reported to Women’s Aid include: competitive…

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IoD members lukewarm on ISDS as Cameron gets desperate on TTIP

Owen Tudor

19 Nov 2014, by in International

According to the Guardian, David Cameron is going to ‘take the fight to unions’ on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP), dismissing our concerns about undermining rights at work, consumer protection and environmental safeguards; giving overseas investors precedence over what elected governments do (investor-state dispute settlement, or ISDS) and entrenching the privatisation of the…

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Privatisation is a real and growing threat to our NHS – MPs have an opportunity to stop it

Matt Dykes

18 Nov 2014, by in Public services

Another day brings us yet another worrying example of the private take-over of NHS services. David Cameron’s dismissal of privatisation fears as “nonsense” is becoming increasingly untenable. A report from the Health Service Journal (£) shows that East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has short-listed two private companies for a £280m contract to run services for…

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