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A short post about government debt

Richard Exell

24 Jun 2016, by in Economics

This morning I was having a look at the Office for National Statistics’ new Population Estimates (as you do) when I came across a reference to a report they published at the end of last month, which I’m ashamed to say I missed at the time. UK Perspectives 2016: The UK in a European context…

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The profession that cried wolf: ‘Expert opinion’, the referendum and the IMF

Geoff Tily

20 Jun 2016, by in Economics

A dominant theme in the referendum campaign is the unwillingness of the public to listen to expert advice. The economics editor (Chris Giles) of the Financial Times despairs: “Economists have never been more united in supporting a vote to remain, yet the profession increasingly appears incapable of persuading the public of Britain’s national interest”. But…

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European unions take a stand on the platform against undeclared work

Esther Lynch

17 Jun 2016, by in Labour market

Undeclared work, if not properly confronted, threatens to undermine employment, wages and conditions for workers across Europe. The launch of the European Commission’s ‘Undeclared Work Platform’ was a long overdue initiative to tackle the exploitation of workers and unfair competition for law-abiding employers. And unions are playing a key role in the Platform. Undeclared work…

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