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UKIP immigration policies: making it even easier for bosses to exploit workers

Nigel Farage. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons

04 Mar 2015, by in International

Today Nigel Farage outlined UKIP’s immigration policy proposals which revolve around Britain leaving the EU and imposing an Australian-style points system on all non-British citizens entering the country. While Farage seemed to back away from making a commitment on a firm figure at which UKIP would cap migration, he did comment: ‘the intention is to bring net immigration…

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“Social model of disability”: What’s that about?

Peter Purton

04 Mar 2015, by in Equality

In a week when the government is claiming credit for getting hundreds of disabled people a day into employment and global corporation Maximus is about to take over running the Work Capability Assessment from discredited ATOS, why should the TUC bother with publishing a guide explaining the difference between the social and medical “models of…

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Pensions tax: the questions that need to be answered

Tim Sharp

03 Mar 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

Amid all the uncertainties about post-election pensions policy, thanks to the unknown impact of fringe parties, the vagaries of coalition negotiations  and the uncertain fates of individual party spokespersons, one subject looks likely to be near the top of any administration’s agenda: reform of pensions tax relief. The latest instalment in this debate is provided by…

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The East Coast Mainline: Why was the government so quiet about one of its great successes?

Ripped Off Britons

01 Mar 2015, by in Public services

Organisations generally want to celebrate their successes. A bit of boasting burnishes an organisation’s public image, as well as boosting the reputations of its staff, management, and promoters. Some organisations even celebrate their failures. The Royal Bank of Scotland, majority owned by the UK government, celebrated its £4.2 billion loss in 2014 with £421 million…

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Stop playing a numbers game with net migration

Rosa Crawford

27 Feb 2015, by in International

Yesterday the Office for National Statistics reported that net migration has risen to 298,000 meaning the government has missed its target of reducing net migration to ‘the tens of thousands’. This is not surprising news – but that’s part of the problem. Voters already feel politicians can’t be trusted on migration policy, this is likely to alienate…

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Housing inequality and soaring rent costs

Silkie Cragg

27 Feb 2015, by in Economics

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) released the 2013-14 English Housing Survey data yesterday, containing some remarkable news on the English housing market. The press focused mainly on the news that outright owners of homes now outnumber the number of mortgage holders (said the Guardian’s Hilary Osborne, The Independent’s Be Chu, The Telegraph’s…

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Too much unpaid overtime is bad medicine

Paul Sellers

27 Feb 2015, by in Labour market

Today marks the TUC’s 11th Work Your Proper Hours Day, which is a campaign against excessive unpaid overtime. This is the first day of the year when the average person who does unpaid overtime would start getting paid if they were to work all their free hours at the start of the year. You can…

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