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Right to remain: Theresa May can break the deadlock

Rosa Crawford

02 Dec 2016, by in International

This week has seen a string of headlines about prospects for EU citizens in the UK  and Brits in the EU’s right to remain after Brexit. Much of the media took aim at EU leaders – particularly German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the European Council Donald Tusk – for apparently halting progress on the issue. What Merkel and…

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Spinning the railways

Sharon Sukhram

02 Dec 2016, by in Public services

UK passengers spend up to six times as much of their salary on rail fares than commuters using largely publicly owned railways in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. We have the most expensive commuter fares in Europe – and it’s no coincidence that out of those countries listed, we’re the only one with a fully…

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Green Paper is a missed opportunity to create a Corporate Governance system that works for everyone

Janet Williamson

01 Dec 2016, by in Economics

The glaring omission of yesterday’s Corporate Governance Green Paper is its failure to include any proposals to deliver on Theresa May’s promise to put workers on company’s boards. On other issues, it includes a few sensible suggestions, but these are wedged between others that would make little or no difference to the status quo. Given…

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High hopes for the Taylor review?

Kate Bell

30 Nov 2016, by in Working Life

Matthew Taylor’s independent review of working practices launches today. We’re looking forward to working with him. Here are the things we think his review has the potential to change for working people: Making sure everyone can access decent rights at work Access to key workplace rights including protection against unfair dismissal, and family friendly rights, depend…

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Worker board representation must mean what it says on the tin

Janet Williamson

29 Nov 2016, by in Economics

The government’s Green Paper on corporate governance is expected today (Tuesday 29th November) and should include the government’s proposals for putting into practice the Prime Minister’s repeated commitment to have workers represented on company boards. As I blogged last week, there are three key tests by which the TUC will judge the government’s proposals for putting…

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This is still austerity, but not as we knew it

Geoff Tily

25 Nov 2016, by in Economics

There were welcome signs in the 2016 Autumn Statement that the Chancellor has learned from his predecessor’s mistakes. The OBR forecast greatly increased borrowing (around £120bn more over 5 years) because they see uncertainties around the referendum meaning a weaker economy especially over the coming three years. But the government took the extra borrowing on…

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