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Digitisation and the future of work: what it means for unions

Tim Page

21 Feb 2017, by in Labour market

Will robots take all the jobs? This dystopian question, prompted by the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ – an umbrella term encompassing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the ‘Internet of Things’ – has prompted a lively debate in recent years. Digitisation is seen by some as simply the next wave of technological progress, but there is…

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Budget blogs – an economy that works for nurses?

Matt Dykes

17 Feb 2017, by in Public services

Our economy should work for everyone, but if your pay has stagnated for several years in a row and fixed items of spending keep going up, it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you Theresa May, Conservative Party conference, October 2016 Yesterday our budget blog set out our case for investment in public services, stretched…

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Budget blogs – we need a budget for public services

Matt Dykes

16 Feb 2017, by in Public services

In 2018/19, in real terms, NHS spending is going to go down – 10 years after Lehman brothers and austerity began Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, wasn’t pulling his punches at the Public Accounts Committee last month. “There are very clearly substantial pressures and it doesn’t help anybody to try and pretend that…

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Budget blogs: Looking to the longer term

Kate Bell

16 Feb 2017, by in Economics

So far this week we’ve outlined the main challenges facing the Chancellor as he prepares his budget, and looked at the sharp rise in insecurity at work, and the hole it’s punching in the public finances. Today’s post looks at the longer term challenge of producing more good jobs and an economy that works for…

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