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Five things we’ve learnt about pay today

Kate Bell

26 Oct 2016, by in Labour market

Today – ASHE Wednesday in our office – saw the publication of the annual figures on pay across the UK (ASHE is the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings). Here’s five things we’ve learnt: The National Living Wage is making a difference The introduction of the National Living Wage in April this year raised the…

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Renewables, Coal and Industrial Opportunities

Tim Page

26 Oct 2016, by in Economics

According to yesterday’s Financial Times (£) last year saw something of an environmental milestone, as renewables overtook coal as the world’s largest source of installed power capacity. The FT reported that around 500,000 solar panels were installed every day of 2015, while wind turbines were erected at a pace of two every hour in countries…

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Putting the flesh on the government’s industrial strategy

Tim Page

25 Oct 2016, by in Economics

Last Thursday (20 October) saw a backbench Commons debate on industrial strategy. This debate coincides with, but is distinct from, an inquiry by the BEIS Select Committee into industrial strategy, to which the TUC gave evidence. Jo Johnson, the Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Minister, and Chi Onwurah, the Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, spoke…

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Protecting the pension promise

Tim Sharp

24 Oct 2016, by in Pensions & Investment

When is a promise not a promise? In my household, safeguarding of confectionary and sharing of toys are both subject to frequent exemptions. But beyond domestic squabbles, the subject is getting an airing in the pensions world. In the firing line is the defined benefit pension. This is the kind that gives retirees an income…

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Major Reforms to Self-Employed Tax Administration

Alan Lean

20 Oct 2016, by in Labour market

Government proposals for tax reforms may sound very technical, but they have huge implications for self-employed workers. Back in August the government published a set of Consultation Documents on their proposed reforms to the UK tax system under the rubric Making Tax Digital. These reforms have huge implications for all self-employed workers with a projected…

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Belgium must vote no tomorrow to stop CETA

Rosa Crawford

17 Oct 2016, by in International

Tomorrow trade ministers from EU countries will meet in Luxembourg at the Foreign Affairs Council  where they are due to decide whether to approve the EU-Canada trade deal known as CETA. The TUC and unions across the EU and Canada are calling for governments to oppose the deal. A ‘joint declaration’ (that has been hastily rewritten…

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