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On industrial strategy, a return to Thatcher is not the answer!

Tim Page

26 Jul 2016, by in Economics

This morning, the former Foreign Secretary and Conservative Party Leader, William Hague, has stepped into the debate about the nature of the UK’s industrial strategy. Hague’s intervention, in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, has been prompted by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, welcome commitment to such a strategy as part of her developing economic narrative. Hague cannot…

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Electoral system is failing younger voters

Simon Sapper

25 Jul 2016, by in Politics

There are three particular reasons– apart from the mandate given by Congress – why we need to have this conversation now. First, in 2015 we had the most reactionary government in possibly a hundred years elected with less than 25% of the vote. That cannot be right or good. Second, despite massive and highly creditable…

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EU acts against exploitation of migrants. Bit late.

Owen Tudor

24 Jul 2016, by in International

Last month, before the referendum, I took part in a meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation in Brussels. The European Commissioner for Social Affairs, Belgian liberal Marianne Thyssen, addressed the meeting and discussed the European Pillar of Social Rights that has been proposed by the Commission to address popular discontent…

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Proportional Representation – It’s Time!

Dean Rogers

22 Jul 2016, by in Politics

I’ve not always been a fan of PR. I grew up in a tribal area where PR was portrayed as inevitably preventing Labour from winning back power. The strongest advocates of PR also seemed to peddle especially self-interested models that benefitted them more than anyone else and didn’t usually even seem very proportional. And compromise…

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Powering Ahead – a Strategy for Sustainable Industry

Tim Page

22 Jul 2016, by in Economics

Today, the TUC publishes ‘Powering Ahead: How UK industry can match Europe’s environmental leaders’. This report, based on new research from Germany and Denmark, considers both how to rebuild the UK’s industrial sector and how to align the needs of industry with the quest for a cleaner, greener planet. ‘Powering Ahead’ addresses two of the…

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Government borrow more in first quarter of financial year (£26bn) than it originally expected to borrow in the year as a whole (£24bn)

Geoff Tily

21 Jul 2016, by in Economics

Public sector net borrowing for the first quarter of the current financial year (2016-17) was £26.6bn, down from £27.9bn over the same period of 2016/17. On twitter the ONS are celebrating the lowest figure for the month of June since 2007. But this is hardly the point: the point of substance is the extent of the…

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Now is the time to take a lead on electoral reform

Mark Serwotka

21 Jul 2016, by in Politics

PCS has supported proportional representation (PR) since 2008 on the basis that these electoral systems open up a space for anti-austerity policies and parties and enable trade unions to better stand up for the interests of our members. The call for PR traditionally came from minor parties who understandably felt cheated by the UK’s first…

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