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CETA: why TTIP’s death is being exaggerated

Owen Tudor

29 Aug 2016, by in International

The UK media this weekend has reported the death of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EU-US so-called trade deal which – as Buzzfeed reported this week – would legalise corporate malfeasance and profiteering by including a discredited Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. But, as with Mark Twain, rumours of TTIP’s death…

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The way we think about debt is stopping us from solving the problem

Kam Gill

23 Aug 2016, by in Economics

As many as 3.2 million households, and more than 7 million people may be struggling with problem levels of debt, according to a new Centre for Responsible Credit study we commissioned with Unison. A large number of those households face debt levels that they may never clear. This debt leaves them vulnerable to serious financial difficulties should they suffer…

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Standstill wages mean over a million low-income families struggle with extreme debt

Damon Gibbons

22 Aug 2016, by in Society & Welfare

Today saw the publication of our (The Centre for Responsible Credit) final report from the joint TUC and Unison commissioned ‘Britain in the Red’ project.  The project has been looking at available aggregate and household survey data to track the extent of household over-indebtedness: particularly assessing the economic impacts of consumer credit borrowing and commenting…

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Record employment and profits bode well for minimum wage increase

Paul Sellers

18 Aug 2016, by in Labour market

Some employers have been lobbying the government to slow down or stall its minimum wage target for those aged 24 and above. The argument made is that post-referendum economic uncertainty will make the target impossible to meet. This is palpable nonsense.  First, the Low Pay Commission (LPC) is currently considering the rates that will apply from April 2017 to March 2018.…

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Let EU citizens stay – new inquiry launched

Owen Tudor

16 Aug 2016, by in Politics

I’ve joined a panel set up today by centre-left think tank British Future to look at one of the knottiest problems caused by the Brexit vote in June – what to do when we leave about the EU citizens who are already living and working in the UK? The TUC and CBI have jointly called…

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