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Extreme lobbying propels extreme weather

Philip Pearson

24 Jul 2014, by in Environment

“The most significant early impacts of climate change are likely to be increases in the frequency and severity of extreme weather,” the government was warned this month. How we manage climate risks will have a lasting impacts on well being and the economy. Yet in Brussels, extreme lobbying by the shale gas industry has blocked…

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Corporate governance: What it’s about, why it matters

Peter Kenway

24 Jul 2014, by in Economics

The TUC’s new pamphlet on “corporate governance” is made up of contributions from 17 expert authors including academics, businesspeople, former government advisors and trades unionists. NPI shared the editorial duties. But why should anyone whose immediate concern is with low pay, poor housing or cuts to services care about a subject seemingly so obscure? Here’s…

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Finance for innovation: a priority for the UK

Tim Page

23 Jul 2014, by in Economics

“Economists know only one thing. If an economist says he knows more than one thing, he is exaggerating. And the one thing that economists know is this: today’s investment is tomorrow’s growth” So said Andy Haldane, Chief Economist of the Bank of England, at the House of Commons last night. Haldane was speaking at the…

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Ill health is a class and gender issue

Richard Exell

22 Jul 2014, by in Society & Welfare

I’ve been thinking a bit about the Inequality in Healthy Life Expectancy statistics, published today. These figures show life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, broken down by gender and by how deprived the areas are where people live. Among other things, they show why defending benefits and services for people who are disabled or in…

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Where now for workplace pensions?

Tim Sharp

21 Jul 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

All the signs are that so far pensions auto-enrolment, which requires people to actively opt out if they don’t want to contribute to a workplace pension, has been a great success. But I argue in a blog published over at Pensions Insight that the financial services industry is being rather unambitious in its thinking about how this can be built on…

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