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Disabled workers in Great Britain: What now?

Emily Pfefer

22 May 2015, by in Labour market

The TUC released a comprehensive report today revealing just how little progress for disabled people in the workforce was achieved under the 2010-15 government. The headline employment and unemployment rate figures paint a picture of essential stagnation since before the last recession; the gap between disabled and non-disabled people’s outcomes on these measures has remained…

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The deflation debate and austerity – how policymakers may be severely misjudging capacity

Geoff Tily

20 May 2015, by in Economics

There is a sense in the discussion surrounding the latest inflation figures that those who are less-than-sanguine about the threat of deflation are somehow ignorant or even reckless. Here’s Robert Peston yesterday: However many of those who define themselves as “serious economists” (that’s not me, by the way – I’m a hack) are desperately anxious…

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Temporary migration in Australia: a cautionary tale

Owen Tudor

18 May 2015, by in International

Australia is known as a settler nation (although the Australian unions are careful to acknowledge their debt to the people who cared for the land before Europeans arrived.) But more recently, what started as a way to plug short-term recruitment and skills gaps has seen the settler nation become home to an army if temporary…

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