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No support for abolishing the Child Poverty Act

Richard Exell

31 Jul 2015, by in Society & Welfare

The government can’t be accused of pussy-footing about. In this Parliament we’ve already had the most radical Budget for 20 years, an attack on trade unions that out-Tebbits Norman Tebbit and cuts to tax credits that will force thousands of low-paid workers and their children into poverty.  And, with the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, we…

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TUC Economic Quarterly Report 7


31 Jul 2015, by in Economic Reports, Economics

This quarterly TUC report provides an analysis of UK economic developments over recent months; focuses on the current labour market compared to pre-recession levels; and includes a spotlight feature on productivity since 2008.  Summary Economic activity appears to have weakened a little from the end of 2014 and into 2015. Historic imbalances have not been…

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Consultation on Modern Slavery Act

Sean Bamford

30 Jul 2015, by in International

In the last days of the coalition Government the Modern Slavery Bill became law. As I reported in my blog, at the time, the Government was consulting on the reporting requirements for businesses in relation to the Transparency in Supply Chain clause. The key issue being at what size of company will these requirements kick-in.…

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Young people’s debts have doubled in five years and are now highest of all age groups

Geoff Tily

27 Jul 2015, by in Economics

In many ways today’s ONS figures on household indebtedness are unremarkable, given we are increasingly accustomed to figures showing high levels of household debt. By and large the debt burden is continuing to increase. One in five households report financial (i.e. non-mortgage) debts are a ‘heavy’ burden. (The figures are drawn from the ONS release on…

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