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New Living Wage figures show recovery not shared fairly

Living Wage Employer plaque

12 Oct 2015, by in Labour market

Low wages are on the increase, the Office of National Statistics reported today.  The number of employees outside London  paid below the living wage has risen by 2 percentage points since 2012, Reaching 23% by 2014.  The increase in London has been much sharper though, with the latest figures showing 19% of employees living in the capital paid below than the Living Wage (April…

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We are the builders, Mr Chancellor

Philip Pearson

07 Oct 2015, by in Environment

On Saturday in Hackney we celebrated the launch at Banister House of the largest community solar power scheme on a housing estate in the UK. But instead of a pathfinder, Banister House may be the last of its kind, because of the Chancellor’s planned 87% cut in support for renewable energy projects. 65,000 jobs are…

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Working grandparents, shared parental leave and care

Sally Brett

06 Oct 2015, by in Equality

Yesterday, the Chancellor announced that the government will extend shared parental leave (SPL) and pay to working grandparents from 2018 – another policy stolen from Labour’s election manifesto. It is easy to envisage some of the benefits this increased flexibility will bring and political parties are right to recognise how heavily reliant many working families…

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Trans-Pacific Partnership good for workers? The big lie

Owen Tudor

06 Oct 2015, by in International

As the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, passes its final round of negotiations, the White House is going all out to portray the deal as a great gain for working people. US unions don’t agree, and they’ll be fighting the new generation trade deal between twelve countries around the Pacific Ocean all the way through Congress. Why the…

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Tracking The Labour Market Recovery

Ian Brinkley

05 Oct 2015, by in Labour market

Developing better economic and employment policies for the future depends critically on distinguishing between changes that are temporary and cyclical and those which are long term and structural. In a recent report for the TUC, Tracking the Labour Market Recovery, we tried to do exactly that by comparing the current labour market recovery with the…

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Andy Burnham’s call for local funding & workers’ rights to tackle migration concerns

Rosa Crawford

02 Oct 2015, by in International

This week Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham delivered a speech at the Labour Party conference which called for action on the cause of anxieties communities have about EU migration linked with local services and undercutting, rather than scapegoating migrant for social problems. This is a welcome approach – the TUC has made clear that the  is austerity…

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LGB statistics confirm social change?

Peter Purton

01 Oct 2015, by in Equality

The Office for National Statistics has published the Integrated Household Survey with the findings for 2014 for sexual identity and (bizarrely), smoking. The headline figure suggested that there had been little change in the overall number of people identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual since the first survey in 2010. Around 93% identify as heterosexual,…

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