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Higher pay growth in lower paid industries

Geoff Tily

18 Jan 2017, by in Economics

There are countless reasons to not get carried away by today’s pay growth figures – with regular pay in the private sector hitting 3 per cent in November. (To recap: with accelerating inflation, real pay growth has stalled at 1.7% and is likely to get worse. We’ve been here before: with nominal private sector pay…

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Minimum Wage – how we can catch the cheating employers.

Paul Sellers

17 Jan 2017, by in Working Life

More than 250,000 UK workers are paid less than the legal minimum wage – let’s put this right. At a conservative estimate, minimum wage underpayment affects 250,000 people, but we fear that the true figure could be higher. For instance, we have heard that the forthcoming official Apprentice Pay Survey is likely to show that nearly one in five apprentices…

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Globalisation isn’t a ‘given’

Kate Bell

13 Jan 2017, by in Economics

The impact of globalisation on working people’s wages, jobs and prospects emerged as one of the key themes of 2016, following the seismic political developments in both Europe and the US. 2017 sees no sign of the debate going away. The policymaking community is figuring out how to react. As Gavin Kelly put it:  ’tis…

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