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What has been happening to self-employment lately?

25 Feb 2015, by in Labour market

Self-employment has become a popular subject recently, with many commentators having various explanations for the rise in self-employment.  In this post I am aiming to clarify what’s been happening to self-employment over the long term, since 2008, over the past year, and the important difference between men’s and women’s experiences. The growth in self-employment is…

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The missing full time employee jobs

10 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

Hardly a week goes by when we do not hear Ministers boasting about record employment levels. Yes, employment levels may be rising to record levels; however, this is a result of the rising numbers in the working population. The employment rate at 73% has only recently returned to its pre- recession level, and the share of…

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Long-term youth unemployment still going up

03 Nov 2014, by in Labour market

The latest labour market data in October showed that youth unemployment fell by 88,000 over the last quarter to reach 733,000. While this has fallen, the challenge of youth unemployment should not be under estimated as three quarters of a million 16-24 year olds are still unemployed. This level was rising before the current downturn…

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More than two in five new jobs created since mid-2010 have been self-employed

14 Apr 2014, by in Labour market

Our latest analysis on self-employment shows that since mid-2010 the rise in self-employment has accounted for 44 percent of the net rise in employment. With pensioners, part time workers and ‘odd jobbers’ being the fastest growing groups among Britain’s new self – employed workforce.   While the number of employees has only just reached pre-recession…

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