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The 2016 Autumn Statement chose corporate tax cuts over the pay rise Britain’s workers need

23 Nov 2016, by in Economics

In the details of Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement came a worrying confirmation for those of us campaigning for a pay rise for Britain’s workforce. The Autumn Statement’s accompanying OBR forecast shows that the average annual wage will be £1,000 lower in 2020 than predicted at this year’s Budget. And this is on top of wages still having…

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Workers’ rights and Brexit: holding the PM to her pledges

05 Oct 2016, by in Politics

Last Friday, I reiterated our key demand of the Government over Brexit: workers must not pay the price for the decision to leave. TUC opinion polling after the referendum showed that whatever people voted for on 23 June, it wasn’t to lose precious rights at work. The TUC and unions – as well as progressive politicians and commentators – have been…

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Zero-hours contracts up 21% in just one year

08 Sep 2016, by in Working Life

The new official statistics on zero-hours contracts in the UK are out today and they make for grim reading. Over the past year, Britain’s zero-hours workforce has grown from 747,000 to 903,000 – a rise of 21%. Zero-hours contracts have become an easy way for bosses to employ staff on the cheap, and more and…

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The UK didn’t vote for a Brexit without a plan. Before Article 50 we need much broader negotiations

13 Jul 2016, by in International

Two-thirds (66%) of voters want to see a broader team negotiating Brexit, including cross-party politicians, trade unions and employers. That’s the finding of a new GQRR poll we’re publishing today. That went for both remainers (69%) and leavers (65%). Only 10% of respondents thought the government should be acting unilaterally. The poll also showed that…

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