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‘Half a parrot’: Commissioner László Andor challenges European Central Bank economics and policy

19 Sep 2014, by in Economics

László Andor, the outgoing EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, has just finished hosting a two-day conference: ‘Labour economics after the crisis: what theoretical lessons to draw from policy experience?’. This experience led ultimately to a call for increased public investment expenditures in the Euro Area. In his response to his own question,…

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Incomes for the Self-employed are plunging

26 Aug 2014, by in Labour market

The ONS analysis of self-employment has unsurprisingly generated a good deal of media commentary, even in spite of the hardly enticing strapline (‘Self-employment rises as fewer people leave’). There has however been less emphasis on the earnings figures, which tell a very worrying story of decline.

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CPI Inflation: Well below target

20 Aug 2014, by in Economics

The reversal in the headline consumer price index (CPI) figures to 1.6 per cent in July from 1.9 per cent in June shows inflation remains comfortably below target. But even these headline figures are likely to exaggerate any underlying position, in the sense of a measure that more accurately reflects inflationary pressures from market-based forces…

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One North?

05 Aug 2014, by in Economics

To try and make political capital from the regional economic performance is bold indeed. We should remind ourselves of the actual historic performance of the North and other regions and countries behind the Treasury’s imaginative projections and striking billions of pounds. For the data show that under the coalition regional economic disparities have seen a…

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