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Is the decline of manufacturing really ‘natural evolution’?

30 Sep 2016, by in Economics

According to conventional wisdom, industrial trends follow a natural evolution from agriculture to manufacturing and finally to services. Fascinating long-run data from the ONS (based on employment information from census records since the mid-C19) suggests that the demise of manufacturing might not so conveniently be explained. Rather than looking at all sectors together, the chart…

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IMF warn of global deflation

28 Sep 2016, by in Economics

The precarious condition of the global economy is back in the spotlight. Last week the OECD issued their interim economic outlook, headed: “global growth warning: weak trade, financial distortions’. This week it is the turn of the IMF, who are leading on the threat of global deflation and the collapse in world trade. The failure…

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Railway infrastructure: a no-brainer for Britain

12 Sep 2016, by in Public services

Since at least the financial crisis the TUC has argued for increased infrastructure spending as part of a coherent industry plan. From 2010 the coalition government did the opposite, cutting spending with no coherent strategy. In economic terms the consequences of culling investment has been obvious, as economic growth has slowed and wages have seen…

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