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This is still austerity, but not as we knew it

25 Nov 2016, by in Economics

There were welcome signs in the 2016 Autumn Statement that the Chancellor has learned from his predecessor’s mistakes. The OBR forecast greatly increased borrowing (around £120bn more over 5 years) because they see uncertainties around the referendum meaning a weaker economy especially over the coming three years. But the government took the extra borrowing on…

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Autumn Statement 2016: Chancellor goes a little way to meet his investment challenge

23 Nov 2016, by in Economics

Today the Chancellor has finally recognised that spending on infrastructure strengthens the economy. Measures the TUC has long called for were announced, including more cash for housing, high speed broadband, rail and roads. Overall the Chancellor’s measures amounted to £23bn, a big sounding number. But looking at OBR numbers which show public sector net investment…

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Ernest Bevin and three lessons for ‘Rethinking Economics’

21 Nov 2016, by in Economics

(This post is the fuller version of remarks I made at the launch of Econocracy: The Perils of Leaving Economics to the Experts, by Joe Earle, Cahal Moran and Zach Ward-Perkins of ‘Rethinking Economics, London School of Economics, 21ST November 2016.) Parallels have rightly been drawn between the present crisis in economics and the events…

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