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Questions on public service pensions accounting in the Autumn Statement

04 Dec 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

The Chancellor claimed that the Autumn Statement was a slight fiscal tightening – in other words, that predicted income resulting from the policies announced would slightly exceed predicted expenditure. I blogged yesterday about the considerable uncertainty surrounding the budget contribution the Chancellor is counting on from measures on corporate tax avoidance, profit shifting and corporation…

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Tackling corporate tax avoidance in the Autumn Statement – measures welcome but will they work?

03 Dec 2014, by in Economics

The Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) notes that the ‘giveaways’ and the ‘takeaways’ in the Autumn Statement roughly balance out. A huge proportion of the so-called ‘takeaways’ – ie, that will generate net income for government revenues – stem from measures to tackle corporate tax avoidance and profit-shifting and proposals to prevent banks from using…

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Beyond Shareholder Value – the reasons and choices for corporate governance reform

08 Jul 2014, by in Economics

The emphasis on shareholder value within our corporate governance system contributes to short-termism and is damaging both our economy and society. Reform is possible and urgent. There are a wide range of practical ideas for what form it should take, including in the area of stakeholder representation within decision-making within companies and in the wider…

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Pfizer’s bid for AstraZeneca shows that the way to depoliticise takeovers is to regulate them effectively

19 May 2014, by in Economics

The Pfizer-Astra Zeneca takeover tussle illustrates yet again the problems with the UK’s system of mergers and takeovers. Nonetheless, there are some interesting differences in comparison to the Kraft takeover bid for Cadbury back in 2010. The media and political debate around the merits of the Pfizer bid has centred largely on the likely impact…

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