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Brexit economics update: the economy remains sluggish

09 Dec 2016, by in Economics

The economy has been slow to grow, a trend that predates the referendum, and there are signs it will get worse. The latest round of economic data from the Office of National Statistics gives us a more robust picture of the third quarter of 2016 and therefore of the short-term economic impact of the referendum.…

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The return of the squeeze?

08 Nov 2016, by in Economic Reports

This is the latest in our regular round-up of the state of the economy. Last month my colleague Silkie Cragg discussed the contradictory nature of data regarding the state of the economy as we entered Quarter 4 of 2016. This month the picture seems to be clearing a little. There are some positive signs. However,…

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What’s up with self-employment?

14 Oct 2016, by in Economics

Last week I was perusing the latest Business; activity, size and location statistics on the ONS website (which counts as a good time in your 30s) when I noticed an interesting quirk: the number of private sector businesses continues to grow but the number of sole-proprietorships has continued to decline.  At this point its probably…

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Tackling debt is about more than personal responsibility

13 Sep 2016, by in Economics

    In the latest edition of the ESRC’s Society Now journal, Victoria Boelman from the Young Foundation discusses the need for greater education in order to help households avoid becoming trapped in high-cost debt. Well-intentioned as such work may be, it ignores the role of structural forces on fostering indebtedness. High-cost debt products include…

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The way we think about debt is stopping us from solving the problem

23 Aug 2016, by in Economics

As many as 3.2 million households, and more than 7 million people may be struggling with problem levels of debt, according to a new Centre for Responsible Credit study we commissioned with Unison. A large number of those households face debt levels that they may never clear. This debt leaves them vulnerable to serious financial difficulties should they suffer…

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UK households’ cash savings are really struggling

04 May 2016, by in Economics

At the end of March the ONS released their latest Quarterly national accounts. The stats indicated that household savings are at a fifty year low. A new figure released today indicates that savings are lower than even the March figures implied. The national accounts ratio indicates the amount households and non-profit institutions serving households (NPISH) were…

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