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High hopes for the Taylor review?

30 Nov 2016, by in Working Life

Matthew Taylor’s independent review of working practices launches today. We’re looking forward to working with him. Here are the things we think his review has the potential to change for working people: Making sure everyone can access decent rights at work Access to key workplace rights including protection against unfair dismissal, and family friendly rights, depend…

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Five things we’ve learnt about pay today

26 Oct 2016, by in Labour market

Today – ASHE Wednesday in our office – saw the publication of the annual figures on pay across the UK (ASHE is the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings). Here’s five things we’ve learnt: The National Living Wage is making a difference The introduction of the National Living Wage in April this year raised the…

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Challenging the single parent stereotypes

23 Feb 2010, by in Society & Welfare

Gingerbread, the national charity working with single parents is launching a new campaign today to ‘lose the labels’ – the stereotypes and stigma still too often attached to single parenthood. We’ve secured a pledge from Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg to challenge prejudice against single parents in the run up to the election.…

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