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EU acts against exploitation of migrants. Bit late.

24 Jul 2016, by in International

Last month, before the referendum, I took part in a meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation in Brussels. The European Commissioner for Social Affairs, Belgian liberal Marianne Thyssen, addressed the meeting and discussed the European Pillar of Social Rights that has been proposed by the Commission to address popular discontent…

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Sharing economy should be fair for all, not free for all

03 Jun 2016, by in Labour market

The European Commission’s statement on Thursday about what they call the ‘collaborative economy’, but which is better known as the ‘sharing economy’ or, more prosaically, ‘stuff like Uber and AirBnB’, was widely reported as telling governments and local authorities across Europe to leave disruptive, tech-based innovators alone. But it wasn’t just that. The Commission’s statement was…

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