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Sharing economy should be fair for all, not free for all

03 Jun 2016, by in Labour market

The European Commission’s statement on Thursday about what they call the ‘collaborative economy’, but which is better known as the ‘sharing economy’ or, more prosaically, ‘stuff like Uber and AirBnB’, was widely reported as telling governments and local authorities across Europe to leave disruptive, tech-based innovators alone. But it wasn’t just that. The Commission’s statement was…

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Brexit arguments on working time just don’t add up

03 May 2016, by in Working Life

The main workplace rights being targeted by Brexit supporters at next month’s referendum are around working time (although protection against discrimination, fairness for agency workers and health and safety are also in the frame). But do their sums really add up? Leave campaigners claim that the Working Time Directive and associated European Court of Justice judgments are…

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Lawyers confirm #Brexit would put your rights at work at risk

03 May 2016, by in Working Life

Today GQ Employment Law LLP has issued a report endorsing TUC concerns that Brexit could endanger rights at work. The ’boutique’ law firm suggests that weekly working time limits could well be under threat, along with overtime pay, and requirements to consult before mass redundancies would also be at risk. Protections for agency workers and reduced damages…

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#ISDS: Government position shows ideology trumps evidence

02 May 2016, by in International

We’re often told that Governments are committed to ‘evidence-based policy making’, although it often seems that it’s the other way round. Now we see, starkly revealed, how far the UK government’s trade policy is based far more on ideology than evidence. A Freedom of Information request from campaign group Global Justice Now has revealed that…

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Now OECD adds its concerns about the risks of #Brexit

27 Apr 2016, by in Economic Reports

This morning the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) gave its assessment of the impact of Brexit on the UK. The economic consequences of Brexit: a taxing decision adds the Paris-based club of rich democracies to the list of international (and domestic) institutions warning of the risks of voting to leave the UK. The…

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Clinton & Sanders show the way on ‘trade’ agreements

24 Apr 2016, by in International

While the current Democratic President of the USA, Barack Obama, tours Europe to raise support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the two candidates scrapping to be his successor back home are setting out markedly different approaches, much more in line with those of the US, UK and European trade union movements. Unite…

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