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Barroso’s bizarre claim about secret corporate courts in trade deals

25 Oct 2014, by in International

We’re often told that we’re scare-mongering and spreading myths about the trade agreements under negotiation by the EU like those with Canada (CETA) and the USA (TTIP). In particular, when we say that the bizarre corporate power-grab of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is the unacceptable face of global multinationalism, we’re accused of misunderstanding or worse. So…

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Union attitudes to a European referendum

19 Oct 2014, by in International

On Friday, I was invited to take part in a European Movement day of discussion about the possibility of a referendum campaign, to explain the TUC’s current concerns about Europe. Here is an edited version of what I told them, setting out in brief what we like and don’t like about where Europe is going…

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#blogaction14: A big inequality between words and deeds

16 Oct 2014, by in International

Inequality has become a major political problem, and hardly any global institution hasn’t said so. The IMF, World Economic Forum, G20 and ILO. Papers have been written, presentations have been made, infographics have been tweeted. But the issue is itself marked by a huge inequality between words and deeds. Bluntly, much has been said, but little has been done.

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What do politicians need to do about immigration?

15 Oct 2014, by in Politics

We don’t usually give advice to one party over any others – the TUC speaks on behalf of working people to all politician parties – but there’s a furious debate going on in the Labour Party at the moment about an issue we have something to say about: immigration. If other parties want to take…

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One step forward on the Modern Slavery Bill

14 Oct 2014, by in International

The TUC has welcomed the decision by Home Office Ministers, announced this weekend through the Sunday Times and reported in the Guardian, that the Modern Slavery Bill will be amended to require employers be transparent about the action they take to prevent forced labour in their supply chains. The decision follows a sustained lobbying campaign…

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A three-point strategy for Europe

22 Sep 2014, by in International

I gave an amended version of the following speech at a fringe meeting this morning at Labour Party conference organised by the European Commission UK representation and Dods. Interestingly, the panel was pretty united the promoting growth and tackling inequality were the top priorities for Europe… I want to start with Jacques Delors’ aphorism: “no…

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A pragmatic approach to migration

21 Sep 2014, by in International

I spoke this afternoon to a Labour Party Conference fringe meeting on EU freedom of movement organised by the Labour Movement for Europe, the European Movement and Labour in Brussels. This is an edited version of my remarks, which looked at the traditional arguments for a progressive approach to migration, and at one which might…

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