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Chutzpah on global migration from the Foreign Secretary

10 Aug 2015, by in International

There were many things that made people’s blood boil about Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s statement that Europe’s social infrastructure was under threat from migrants fleeing war-torn or poverty-stricken countries in Africa and the Middle East, like the scaremongering inflation of the scale of the problem. But the worst aspect of his remarks was the astounding…

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Cracking down on migrants or on exploitation?

10 Aug 2015, by in Politics

The Home Office Immigration Minister James Brokenshire MP (who, lest we forget, replaced Mark Harper MP in the role after Harper was exposed as having employed an ‘illegal immigrant’ as his cleaner) has announced a crackdown on those who employ illegal immigrants, promising Border Force raids on employers suspected of the practice. He said that…

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What’s wrong with ISDS? Romania’s environment & history under attack

24 Jul 2015, by in International

The latest example of what’s wrong with Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) – the privileged route to riches for foreign investors who can persuade a separate international court that they have been disadvantaged by a democratically-elected government – is a case being lodged by Canadian mining enterprise Gabriel Resources, which has filed a billion-dollar case against…

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Want to reduce inequality? New IMF research says unionisation is key

22 Jul 2015, by in Economics

Through gritted teeth, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has this week issued a ‘staff discussion note’ which contains a bit of a bombshell. The ballooning inequality that results from rampaging top people’s pay is not, as previously thought, an unfortunate by-product of technological process or increasing world trade. At least forty percent of the increase…

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ISDS-lite could yet scupper the EU-Canada trade deal

16 Jul 2015, by in Uncategorized

The TUC is no fan of the revised Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) process that EU Trade Commissioner Malmstrom has persuaded the European Parliament to back in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between the EU and US currently being negotiated. Claims that this new ISDS-lite isn’t ISDS at all are clearly nonsense, and…

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Cameron playing with fire on workers’ rights

11 Jul 2015, by in International

The TUC has been criticised for crying wolf over the Prime Minister’s plans to use the EU renegotiation phase of the referendum strategy to attack workers’ rights. But today’s media stories suggest we are spot on the money on both working time and temporary agency workers. The Prime Minister may think he is on to…

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European Parliament view on EU-US trade deal

09 Jul 2015, by in International

The European Parliament has finally voted on its resolution about the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, or TTIP, the EU-US trade deal being negotiated by Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom and US Trade Representative Mike Froman.  Most of the news yesterday was about a compromise over investor protection, essentially replacing Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) with ISDS-lite. Despite what…

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Hypocrisy of Eurozone leaders refusing to admit austerity has failed Greece

08 Jul 2015, by in International

It’s difficult to write anything about the Greek crisis without it being immediately out of date although the crisis itself, and the suffering of the Greek people, continues unabated. After the stunning 22% “no” majority in Sunday’s Greek referendum (like Britain’s election result, you should immediately distrust any analysis which begins “I always knew this was going…

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