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Trans-Pacific Partnership good for workers? The big lie

06 Oct 2015, by in International

As the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, passes its final round of negotiations, the White House is going all out to portray the deal as a great gain for working people. US unions don’t agree, and they’ll be fighting the new generation trade deal between twelve countries around the Pacific Ocean all the way through Congress. Why the…

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Cameron’s EU workplace rights strategy pleasing no one

01 Sep 2015, by in International

The Financial Times reported last night that David Cameron had dropped plans to demand widespread exemptions from European Union workplace rights. The TUC has been warning that those demands were on his agenda for months (often pooh-poohed by ‘experts’), and we have been arguing that such a strategy would make it less likely working people…

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Chutzpah on global migration from the Foreign Secretary

10 Aug 2015, by in International

There were many things that made people’s blood boil about Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s statement that Europe’s social infrastructure was under threat from migrants fleeing war-torn or poverty-stricken countries in Africa and the Middle East, like the scaremongering inflation of the scale of the problem. But the worst aspect of his remarks was the astounding…

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Cracking down on migrants or on exploitation?

10 Aug 2015, by in Politics

The Home Office Immigration Minister James Brokenshire MP (who, lest we forget, replaced Mark Harper MP in the role after Harper was exposed as having employed an ‘illegal immigrant’ as his cleaner) has announced a crackdown on those who employ illegal immigrants, promising Border Force raids on employers suspected of the practice. He said that…

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