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A three-point strategy for Europe

22 Sep 2014, by in International

I gave an amended version of the following speech at a fringe meeting this morning at Labour Party conference organised by the European Commission UK representation and Dods. Interestingly, the panel was pretty united the promoting growth and tackling inequality were the top priorities for Europe… I want to start with Jacques Delors’ aphorism: “no…

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A pragmatic approach to migration

21 Sep 2014, by in International

I spoke this afternoon to a Labour Party Conference fringe meeting on EU freedom of movement organised by the Labour Movement for Europe, the European Movement and Labour in Brussels. This is an edited version of my remarks, which looked at the traditional arguments for a progressive approach to migration, and at one which might…

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If CETA goes through, TTIP might not matter: Say no to CETA

13 Sep 2014, by in International

On Thursday, trade negotiators from the 28 EU member states met in Brussels to discuss the final stages of the EU-Canada free trade agreement known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Most public debate currently is about the potentially much larger Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA,…

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New Robin Hood Tax study predicts better results than previously

13 Sep 2014, by in International

Today there was an informal meeting of Finance Ministers from the EU countries negotiating the implementation of a financial transactions tax (FTT). They are under persistent pressure from the finance industry to scale back or defer their efforts, but George Osborne’s legal challenge has comprehensively failed, and now a new study from Copenhagen Economics has been released…

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Global growth & jobs: the world needs a pay rise

02 Sep 2014, by in International

On 10-11 September, employment ministers from the G20 countries, including Esther McVey MP from the UK, will gather in Melbourne to discuss what can be done to deliver the G20 target of 2% additional growth in GDP over the next five years. That’s probably not enough to create the 81 million jobs required by 2018 to…

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Crack down on exploitation and undercutting, not immigrants

05 Aug 2014, by in Politics

I’ve just been at the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech on immigration in multi-cultural North Hackney. It was advertised in advance as Nick Clegg getting tough on immigration, suggesting a strategy of winning back lost voters by sounding more like the Conservative Party and UKIP, although it’s also been suggested his firmness was designed to provide cover for…

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