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Is the EU-Canada trade deal on the ropes?

25 Jan 2016, by in International

The election of a charismatic young Liberal Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau –  is just one development that has cast doubt on the future of the Canada-EU trade deal negotiated under his Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper. Although firmly committed to signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Canadian Government has come under pressure to revise the Canada-EU deal…

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Early UK ratification of ILO Forced Labour Protocol is a major step forward

22 Jan 2016, by in International

This lunchtime, I’m taking part with other trade unionists, CBI representatives and ILO Director General Guy Ryder at the ratification of the International Labour Organisation’s 2014 Forced Labour Protocol, a major step forward in the eradication of modern slavery, trafficking and other elements of forced labour. Home Office junior Minister Karen Bradley MP will be signing…

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Global poverty: our part in its downfall

19 Jan 2016, by in International

This week the World Economic Forum (WEF) meets in Davos, and in recognition of the leading role of trade unions, Sharan Burrow, the world’s top trade unionist, is one of the co-chairs this year. So it’s particularly apt that yesterday, Oxfam issued a pre-Davos report showing that trade union rights are vital to combat the rising…

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Why are multinational enterprises wasting money on supply chain audits?

17 Jan 2016, by in International

A new report from the University of Sheffield, published last Thursday and brilliantly summarised by Tansy Hoskins for the Guardian, provides yet more evidence for something trade unionists have known for years. Expensive audits of the impact of supply chains on workers’ rights and environmental standards do not improve either of them. Companies that spend large…

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TTIP: due for a diet in the New Year resolutions?

29 Dec 2015, by in International

When the negotiations for an EU-US trade deal – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – were launched back in 2013, advocates of the deal predicted that it could be completed “on one tank of gas”, before the US Presidential elections brought Barack Obama’s term to an end. Those elections are now less than…

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China: we say no to market economy status

28 Dec 2015, by in International

The Financial Times has today reported that the US government is pressing the European Commission not to grant China ‘Market Economy Status’ (MES), which under WTO rules would allow far more undercutting by Chinese exports into the EU. The UK government is on the record as a supporter of granting MES to China, but the…

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