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Big win for Robin Hood Tax in Europe

12 Oct 2016, by in International

Earlier this week, Finance Ministers from 10 Eurozone countries finally reached agreement on the principle of a Robin Hood Tax. Legislative drafting will now begin, and campaigners will be pressing the Ministers to conclude the details by December. Meanwhile, US Democrats scenting victory in next month’s Presidential election as Trump’s campaign crumbles, are redoubling the…

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As Portugal tries to take back control of Metro Lisbon, Mexican privateers turn to #ISDS

01 Oct 2016, by in International

One of the main complaints unions make about the investment protection elements of trade deals known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is that it would be used against governments trying to bring privatised services back into public ownership. “Oh no it won’t!” cry the apparently pantomime-inspired defenders of ISDS. They should have a close look at the…

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Article 50: so much for Parliamentary sovereignty!

04 Sep 2016, by in Politics

This week, Theresa May ruled out giving Parliament a vote before Article 50 is triggered. She’s explained her position in terms of respecting the will of the people as expressed in June’s referendum – and the TUC accepts that decision too. But we are still disappointed at her decision – in the name of a…

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CETA: why TTIP’s death is being exaggerated

29 Aug 2016, by in International

The UK media this weekend has reported the death of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EU-US so-called trade deal which – as Buzzfeed reported this week – would legalise corporate malfeasance and profiteering by including a discredited Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. But, as with Mark Twain, rumours of TTIP’s death…

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Let EU citizens stay – new inquiry launched

16 Aug 2016, by in Politics

I’ve joined a panel set up today by centre-left think tank British Future to look at one of the knottiest problems caused by the Brexit vote in June – what to do when we leave about the EU citizens who are already living and working in the UK? The TUC and CBI have jointly called…

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