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Why is BusinessEurope doing the banks’ dirty work?

29 Jan 2015, by in International

BusinessEurope, the body which represents employers’ organisations around Europe (the CBI is its UK member) wrote last week to European Union finance ministers in a last ditch attempt to derail the European financial transactions tax (FTT, aka the Robin Hood Tax) that a group of Eurozone countries representing 70% of EU GDP are committed to…

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What more will it take to get corporate courts out of the EU-US trade deal?

18 Jan 2015, by in International

This week, the European Commission finally released the results of the consultation forced on it nearly a year ago about Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EU-US trade deal. While not dismissing the popular opposition to ISDS, as some said she would, nor did Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom…

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IMF: looking on the bright side, or the ‘right side’?

18 Jan 2015, by in International

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn’t have a fantastic reputation around the world for the damage it did to developing and Asian economies during the years of the neoliberal ‘Washington consensus’. Confessing to getting its analysis of the Greek economy catastrophically wrong and underestimating the multiplier effect of government spending during the global financial crisis (which…

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Underpaying the minimum wage and exploiting migrants

10 Jan 2015, by in Labour market

The shocking news that the number of bad bosses who underpay the minimum wage to young workers has risen dramatically in the last few years has implications for the continuing debate about migration in the UK: here’s why. One of the main concerns that working people have about immigration – and there’s no point denying people…

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CBI on TTIP: a policy based on faith and avoiding their critics

18 Dec 2014, by in International

The CBI’s top leaders were in Brussels today along with the Prime Minister to help him put ‘rocket boosters’ under the increasingly unpopular Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA. They gathered a range of business organisations across Europe, and several other leaders, to emphasise the positive and, largely, pretend…

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International Migrants Day: overstaying and exploitation

18 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

It’s ironic that the Daily Mirror should run a story on International Migrants Day about the discovery that there are nearly twice as many people who have overstayed their visas in the country than expected – over a third of a million. Trade unionists will be concerned that those 350,000 overstayers are vulnerable to exploitation,…

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Migration: putting tackling exploitation first

15 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

Labour leader Ed Miliband announced today that he wants to address a concern that unions have been raising about migration: its use by unscrupulous employers (and, indeed, any employer who thinks they can get away with it) to cut their labour costs by undermining previous terms and conditions. The TUC has been calling for migrants to be…

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