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Too much unpaid overtime is bad medicine

27 Feb 2015, by in Labour market

Today marks the TUC’s 11th Work Your Proper Hours Day, which is a campaign against excessive unpaid overtime. This is the first day of the year when the average person who does unpaid overtime would start getting paid if they were to work all their free hours at the start of the year. You can…

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Minimum wage cheats – Why not name all of them?

24 Feb 2015, by in Working Life

The government has named a further 70 employers caught underpaying the minimum wage. This is welcome news, which brings the total named in the past year up to 162. However, they should now go on and name the other 490 employers caught cheating last year. In addition, they should take some of the worst employers to…

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Funding for minimum wage enforcement to increase by £3m

04 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

There was a promise to increase minimum wage enforcement funding by £3 million next year hidden away in the detail of the autumn statement. “The National Minimum Wage (NMW) provides important protection for low earners. To improve its enforcement, Autumn Statement announces that the government will increase funding for NMW enforcement activity in 2015-16 by £3…

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