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Budget 2014: House-building at a “5 year high”

19 Mar 2014, by in Economics

Today’s budget approaches housing in an optimistic mood, leading off with the statement that housing starts are at a five-year high (Budget Report p39, Para 1.139). This is correct as far as it goes, but the comparison is very carefully chosen, since five years ago we were in the depths of the recession. It would…

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Autumn Statement – a first step against bogus self-employment

05 Dec 2013, by in Labour market

The Autumn Statement promised to act against companies that “use employment intermediaries to disguise employment as self-employment and thus avoid employment taxes and deny employment rights to their workforce.” This is, of course, a polite way of describing bogus self-employment, so the announcement is welcome. However, what is intended is quite a modest step, as it…

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Autumn statement won’t cure the housing crisis

05 Dec 2013, by in Economics

Today’s autumn statement promises to “take further action to increase housing supply and support home ownership.”  The snag is that even if what is promised is fully delivered it will be nowhere near enough to cure the UK’s entrenched housing crisis. Allowing local authorities to borrow more to build housing is always welcome in principle, but…

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Council tax ice age set to continue, says government

26 Jun 2013, by in Public services

In today’s government spending plans for 2015/16, it was announced that the “council tax freeze”, due to come to an end next April, would be extended for the next two years. “This settlement supports those local authorities who have kept council tax down since 2011-12 by continuing to provide for previous council tax freeze grants…

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