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“National Living Wage” – business can cope

21 Sep 2015, by in Labour market

The TUC had mixed feelings about the new higher National Minimum Wage (NMW) rate for workers aged 25 and above announced in the July Budget.  This will effectively create a new NMW band for older adults – £7.20 from April 2016, rising to more than £9.00 by 2020. We were of course pleased that many workers would get a…

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Strikes at historic low level

16 Jul 2015, by in Working Life

The ONS has today published a new report on industrial disputes. This confirms that they are at a historically low level. Ironically this comes one day after the government published plans to legislate to squeeze strikes. In fact, in the current decade less than a tenth as many days are being lost to stoppages as were in the 1980s. Indeed,…

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More Right to Buy – what will go wrong

27 May 2015, by in Society & Welfare

Right to Buy likely to go wrong Worryingly the Queen’s Speech confirms that there will be a bill to extend the Right to Buy to tenants in Housing Associations.  The TUC opposes this measure on two grounds; that the funding model of housing associations would be seriously damaged by such a change; and that we do not believe sufficient…

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What’s happening to pay?

15 May 2015, by in Labour market

Bringing back to real pay growth is a necessary condition for achieving sustained and balanced economic growth that gives people at work both a fair reward and the spending power necessary to keep business growing.  CPI inflation is currently at zero, which at least gives some employees a temporary respite, although below-target inflation is the sign of a…

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Mortgage approvals down 16 per cent on last year.

22 Apr 2015, by in Uncategorized

The Council of Mortgage Lenders have released figures for February 2015.  Its bad news for would-be home-owners as the number of mortgages approved continues to decline (see CML chart below). The latest figure of 40,600 approvals is 1 per cent lower than January but a whopping 16 per cent lower than Februarys 2014. First-time buyers are being  locked out of the…

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Mortgage approvals down a fifth, say bankers

25 Mar 2015, by in Uncategorized

The British Bankers Association said today that there were “signs that the mortgage market is recovering”. This view is based on the fact that in February bank mortgage  approvals reached a five-month high. whilst any morsel of good news is always welcome,it is certainly not time to open the champagne yet. In fact, fair-minded observers would focus more…

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