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Funding for minimum wage enforcement to increase by £3m

04 Dec 2014, by in Labour market

There was a promise to increase minimum wage enforcement funding by £3 million next year hidden away in the detail of the autumn statement. “The National Minimum Wage (NMW) provides important protection for low earners. To improve its enforcement, Autumn Statement announces that the government will increase funding for NMW enforcement activity in 2015-16 by £3…

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Autumn Statement 2014 stamp duty give away will do nothing to solve the housing crisis

03 Dec 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Many eyes will be on the  stamp duty tax cuts announced in the autumn statement today, but this will do little to address the UK’s entrenched housing crisis. A very unpalatable truth for supporters of the current government is that total home ownership has declined in every year since 2008. The autumn statement supporting document highlights the…

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Mansion tax would affect just four families in every thousand

25 Nov 2014, by in Politics

A study compiled for the Evening Standard newspaper suggests that Labour’s proposed mansion tax would only be paid by 110,000 households, of which 86,00o would be in London. This needs careful examination, as there is obviously a concerted campaign going on against this proposal. First, DCLG statistics suggest that there are 27.7 million homes in the UK. The…

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Mark Carney’s speech – thoughtful, respectful and recognising the importance of pay growth returning

09 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Mark Carney’s speech was pretty warmly received at the TUC Congress today.  We are well aware the Governor of the Bank of England will always speak in measured tones, but our general impression was that Mr Carney was making a serious and thoughtful speech to an audience that he was taking very seriously. We were particularly glad…

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Wales clear to have new agricultural wages board

09 Jul 2014, by in Labour market

The supreme court has cleared the way for the Welsh government to establish a new agricultural wages board, in a judgement published today*. Last year the government abolished the agricultural wages board for England and Wales, which set a range of statutory rates above the national minimum wage for the various trades in agriculture.  This…

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