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Credible policies could turn carbon tide

14 Apr 2014, by in Environment

A vision for an investing global economy, driving new jobs and skills in low carbon technologies, with governments collaborating on policy and competing industrially, can optimistically be drawn from the UN’s new climate change study. With carbon emissions accelerating, dangerous climate change may be as likely under current pledges to cut emissions. But the UN argues, time and tide are…

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Cameron promised to save UK Coal

10 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Last week the Prime Minister was asked on BBC1′s Breakfast if he was ready to act to “keep these mines alive.” “Yes”, he said, “We will do everything we can.” Today the government announced a £10m loan to UK Coal, fully repayable at a commercial interest rate in autumn 2015. All 1,300 mining jobs will…

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“UK’s coal industry is fighting for its survival”

08 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Even before UK Coal threatened to shut two of our three remaining deep mines, with the loss of up to 2,000 jobs, the government was warned  that “The UK’s coal industry is fighting for its survival.” Today’s Ministerial holding Statement said,”The future of UK Coal is primarily a commercial matter.” But much more is at stake. So much, in…

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Government is allowed to save 2,000 coal jobs

03 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised the Government will do “everything we can” to help preserve 2,000 coal mining jobs. Asked if he was ready to act to “keep these mines alive”, Mr Cameron told BBC1′s Breakfast: ”There are obviously limits. This is taxpayers’ money that is involved. But we will work with them as closely…

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Mining unions seek UK Coal survival plan

02 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Today, as UK Coal issues its first round of redundancies, mining unions met the European Commission to establish if State Aid could be used to fund a survival plan for UK coal mining out to at least 2018. NUM General Secretary Chris Kitchen said: “There is no economic case for the UK taxpayer to pay…

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No jobs on a dead planet

31 Mar 2014, by in Environment

“No-one on the planet will be untouched by the damaging effects of global warming in coming decades”, the chairman of the organisation behind the world’s most comprehensive climate change study to date warned today. It’s rather as the ITUC said last November, as civil society walked out of the UN’s climate talks in Warsaw: “there…

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Energy made in Britain

27 Mar 2014, by in Environment

Ending four year’s of uncertainty, Siemens is to create 1,000 new jobs on Hull docks for the UK’s first purpose-built factory to manufacture offshore wind turbine blades.  It’s a major boost for the UK’s offshore wind industry: one eighth of our electricity (14.8%) came from renewables in 2013.  But, “as any fuel knows”, you cant make wind turbines without fossil fuels. 

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Budget for flood security

18 Mar 2014, by in Environment

In Budget 2014 the Chancellor should provide three answers to the widespread damage and distress to communities and businesses caused by the floods of 2013 and 2014: make good the £500m shortfall in floods defences, cancel plans to cut 1,700 Environment Agency staff, and no further firefighter job cuts.

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