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Shale gas bubble – not worth the pop for jobs or energy security

12 Nov 2014, by in Environment

Conservative Ministers’ claims that shale gas could finance a ‘sovereign wealth fund’ to regenerate the north were disputed by experts from the UK Energy Research Council today. “There is very little prospect of significant commercial production until the 2020s”, the UKERC said. Job for job, investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency is better value…

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Lords challenged to block forests sell off

05 Nov 2014, by in Environment

152,000 people have already signed a 38 degrees petition to “exempt public forests from the sell-off” of public land proposed in the Infrastructure Bill. Such is the level of distrust that petitioners clearly do accept written Ministerial assurances that “this minor adjustment” to the Government’s existing powers doesn’t threaten to the future of the nation’s…

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Climate change: one pathway to sanity

03 Nov 2014, by in Environment

Climate change is a “collective action” problem at the global scale. Governments, businesses, unions and consumers will need to work together to eliminate manmade greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this century. This is the key message from the UN’s climate change report published yesterday in Copenhagen. Emissions by any individual, community, company or…

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Invest now in new low carbon power capacity

28 Oct 2014, by in Environment

Unions are highlighting the “chronic need” to invest now in generating capacity following National Grid’s bleak Winter Outlook for UK power supplies. Six generation plants have become unavailable due to closure or unexpected events (Ferrybridge, Barking, Ironbridge) or are uncertain to supply this winter (Heysham, Hartlepool, Ferrybridge). Meanwhile, the Bank of England has written to…

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ETUC says 1m jobs at stake in EU climate summit

23 Oct 2014, by in Environment

Nearly a million potential jobs will be lost if EU leaders fail to agree strong climate and energy targets at a summit starting on Thursday, according to the head of Europe’s trade union movement. The ETUC’s Bernadette Ségol warned that the proposed targets were too low to reap the benefits of a new clean energy…

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