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Greening the workplace is core union business

14 Jul 2014, by in Environment

Greening the workplace is core union business. That’s the key lesson from the TUC’s 10th annual green reps conference on 11 July 2014 in London. We attracted more than 120 green union reps from right across the workplace spectrum; published a new report, The Union effect, measuring our progress on greening the workplace; and welcomed…

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Labour hits on essential role of carbon capture

09 Jul 2014, by in Economics

There are great opportunities for countries that develop the leading green technologies of tomorrow. So Labour has rightly hit on innovation policy for carbon capture and storage technology in its new CCS position paper. If Labour delivers, CCS will mean cheaper energy and a return to growth in industrial regions like the Tees Valley and…

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Carbon capture: White Rose takes yellow jersey

08 Jul 2014, by in Environment

The European Commission’s decision to award €300m to the White Rose carbon capture project in Yorkshire is great news for jobs and industrial investment in Yorkshire and the Humber. White Rose provides the anchor for capturing up to 17million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year from power and industry sources in the region, setting…

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Eco-innovation? No wonder we are out of the World Cup

02 Jul 2014, by in Environment

The absence of a “green growth” story in the Adonis report makes it seem, to an environmentalist, strangely out of time in an otherwise keen prescription to strengthen regional growth and fill significant gaps in finance for business, new technology and infrastructure. Adonis convincingly argues that the lack of coherent national innovation and industrial strategies…

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Good week for the green economy

27 Jun 2014, by in Environment

We learned this week that a record 20% of our energy was generated from renewables in the windy first quarter of 2104. The Green Investment Bank (GIB) said it created 3,500 jobs in wind and biomass projects last year. A new homes energy efficiency campaigned was launched at a packed meeting in the House of…

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US study links fracking to water contamination

19 Jun 2014, by in Environment

A quick internet search contradicts a claim by the energy Minister that, “There are no examples from the United States of hydraulic fracturing contaminating groundwater, because as you will appreciate the fracturing takes place very much deeper than any groundwater levels.” Among several published academic studies, one shows concentrations of methane, propane and ethane in…

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Energy consumers lose in public-to-private monopoly

11 Jun 2014, by in Environment

Since it was privatised in 1999, the UK energy market seems to have shifted seamlessly from a public to a private monopoly. According to Ofgem, the Big Six now “establish a coordinated course of action without communicating directly. This situation is referred to as tacit coordination between suppliers”. Ofgem is so concerned about its state…

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Taxpayer gains from union plan for UK Coal

10 Jun 2014, by in Environment

Redundancy letters are now being issued at Kellingley and Thoresby mines, and workers at Kellingley are pursuing an employee buy-out. But from yesterday’s announcement, the government still seems set on supporting the closure of two of the UK’s three remaining coal mines by autumn 2015. An independent consultants report by Orion Innovations sets out the…

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Shale: has the Queen misspoken?

05 Jun 2014, by in Environment

Fracking will be one of the first three Bills to go before Parliament. The TUC would have preferred the government’s infrastructure bill to fast track investment in carbon capture and storage technology, rather than accelerating a dash for onshore gas through fracking. Job for job, the case for CCS seems to be far more compelling,…

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Green reps at work gaining more support

28 May 2014, by in Environment

Keeping an election promise, Plymouth city council has signed a Plymouth City Council and Joint Trade Unions Greener Workspace Agreement with workplace unions UNITE, UNISON and the GMB. Under Pledge 33, the council undertook “Introduce a Green Workplaces Scheme to encourage council staff to work with their managers to reduce carbon, encourage sustainability and save…

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