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£1billion a year essential for new flood defences

20 Jan 2015, by in Environment

£1billion a year must be spent on flood defences over the next decade to cope with the rising threat of flooding, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and campaigners like Friends of the Earth. In a new initiative, they argue for an end to building new homes in flood-risk areas, to prevent communities…

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Time for energy democracy

13 Jan 2015, by in Environment

How much more coal, oil and gas including shale gas can we continue to burn and still have a 50:50 chance of keeping the rise in global average temperatures below 2 degrees C? The Coalition’s Infrastructure Bill would make it legally binding on government to “Maximise the economic recovery of UK Petroleum.” But even at…

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Time for an ethical energy policy

08 Jan 2015, by in Economics

The £8m short term government loan for employee-owned Hatfield colliery, Yorkshire, is a welcome move by the government to protect hundreds of skilled jobs. But that such a loan is needed at all reflects the government’s failure to develop a long term strategy for UK coal in our energy mix, while heavily backing fracking and…

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TUC Green Christmas newsletter – some bright, some sobering news

18 Dec 2014, by in Environment

Seasonally daft and seasonally sobering news from the TUC’s latest Greenworkplaces newsletter. First up is Prospect’s new A-Z Guide to a Sustainable Christmas, a light hearted look at Christmas through a sustainability lens…..and with a fair amount of poetic licence. It’s full of useful advice on reducing seasonal waste (or “waist”) and energy consumption. Just…

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Lima blog #6: Unions must influence country commitments

15 Dec 2014, by in Environment

In solidarity and shared purpose, the international trade union delegation and its Peruvian hosts worked their socks off inside the Lima climate conference.  Outside it, the Peoples Summit enriched the city centre, and 20,000 marched on the UN for climate justice. But the conference itself largely turned its back on civil society, with governments failing…

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#AutumnStatement 2014: No budget for a green economy

03 Dec 2014, by in Environment

This was no budget for a green economy. There’s no notion of how the Chancellor’s infrastructure plans or business incentives would contribute to green growth, nor how to avoid any of the downside risks of these plans. Environmental levies look increasingly like a straight revenue raiser. Osborne focussed instead on high carbon ticket items including…

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