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Chancellor’s dead hand on community energy schemes

07 Aug 2015, by in Uncategorized

George Osborne clearly intends to put a brake on community-led solar power schemes just at the point when they are cutting carbon, reducing green energy costs, creating jobs and winning public support. Unfortunately, his Treasury-led, austerity-led plan to change the rules for community-led solar power schemes is fronted by a much peddled untruth about the…

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Ten charities challenge Cameron’s pre-election green promise

03 Aug 2015, by in Environment

Leaders of ten leading UK charities concerned with protection of the environment have written to the Prime Minister, alarmed that: “early policy choices being made are running counter to the strong intentions you outlined in your pre-election climate pledges and in your manifesto, to ‘accelerate the transition to a competitive, energy efficient low carbon economy.’”…

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Chancellor takes the high carbon road

23 Jul 2015, by in Uncategorized

Is the government about to take a series of high carbon decisions that will replace renewables with fossil fuels? Decisions are imminent on Cuadrilla’s fracking appeal, launched today, and Heathrow’s third runway. Meanwhile, the Chancellor is unceremoniously dumping green policies, while assuring Helen Goodman MP on the Treasury Select Committee that he would honour the…

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How Trade Union Bill will cap green workplace projects

21 Jul 2015, by in Environment

Growing awareness of the impacts of climate change on our daily lives has spurred union reps and members to explore new ways to “green” their workplace. Just as unionised workplaces offer better pay and safer working conditions, so through employee engagement there is an added Union Effect in greening the workplace. Now the government’s Trade…

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Mayday! The helmsman of the green economy is way off course

14 Jul 2015, by in Environment

The Conservative manifesto 2015 said nothing about increasing road taxes. If anything, it implied the opposite: “We will make motoring greener … to protect your environment.” But the Chancellor’s Budgets changes mean that from 2017 a new greener car will cost nearly £1,000 more. Osborne’s £3 billion increase in Vehicle Excise Duty hit greener cars…

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Budget aftershock: Osborne’s £3.9 billion tax on green power

09 Jul 2015, by in Environment

The Chancellor’s £3.9 billion tax on renewable energy generators “is a punitive measure for the clean energy sector…another example of this Government’s unfair, illogical and obsessive attacks on renewables.” As Alasdair Cameron writes, “The Chancellor has just effectively put a carbon tax on carbon free electricity, which will mean fewer renewables and more uncertainty for…

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