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Today’s employment figures

16 Apr 2014, by in Labour market

I have a post at Left Foot Forward, looking at today’s labour market figures. We are going to hear more demands for higher interest rates, now that pay is growing at a faster rate than inflation, but I argue that this is not because pay rises are high, but because inflation is low. The unemployment…

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Mr Osborne and full employment

31 Mar 2014, by in Labour market

This morning the Chancellor made a major speech, committing the government to a full employment policy. He repeated this a number of times: A commitment to fight for Full Employment in Britain … we are going for Full Employment … our commitment to full employment in the future A lot of people have concentrated on…

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Abolishing the Independent Living Fund

06 Mar 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Today, Mike Penning, the minister “for” disabled people (their description, not mine) announced that the government is going ahead with the closure of the Independent Living Fund. You may remember that, in November, the Court of Appeal quashed their first attempt at this. Remarkably, the government is basing this decision on an equality analysis that…

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VIDEO: Employment trends February 2014

28 Feb 2014, by in Labour market

We’ve had a pretty good series of employment statistics announcements this month, with improvements in most areas as the economy picks up from the recession. There’s still a very long way to go on most measures though, before we get near the levels we saw before the crash for unemployment, underemployment and squeezed pay. I’ve…

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VIDEO: Employment trends January 2014

23 Jan 2014, by in Labour market

At first glance January’s employment figures look very encouraging: since the last quarter, 167,000 less people are unemployed and inflation is down. Unfortunately, earnings continue to rise at a slower rate than inflation which means that despite rising employment, the cost of living crisis is yet to be resolved. Worryingly, some see increasing employment levels…

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Britain still needs a pay rise

16 Jan 2014, by in Economics

George Osborne’s politically clever intervention on the minimum wage (timed to steal the thunder from Ed Miliband’s major speech tomorrow on economic policy) will do the business as far as getting him the headlines he wants. (As I write this post, Nicola is penning a deconstruction of his announcement, please read this for a through…

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Behind the employment headlines

18 Dec 2013, by in Economics

Today’s jobs figures were good  – taking the total number in employment above thirty million for the first time – but behind the headlines there’s still the really worrying figures for pay. Are we shifting to a low pay, low productivity model? I have a post at Left Foot Forwards looking at the issue.

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