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A short post about government debt

24 Jun 2016, by in Economics

This morning I was having a look at the Office for National Statistics’ new Population Estimates (as you do) when I came across a reference to a report they published at the end of last month, which I’m ashamed to say I missed at the time. UK Perspectives 2016: The UK in a European context…

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Employment slowing down, pay still disappointing

18 May 2016, by in Labour market

Today’s labour market figures from the Office for National Statistics again show encouraging employment and unemployment figures, but again there are signs that the jobs recovery is slowing down and the numbers for earnings continue to disappoint. But first the good news. The employment rate in January – March was 74.2 per cent, the highest…

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What’s happening to employment?

05 May 2016, by in Labour market

Yesterday’s monthly Economic Review from the Office for National Statistics presented the latest labour market figures and provided an opportunity to look over the medium term at what is happening in the world of work and the signs that the jobs recovery is slowing down. Let’s start with the background to all this. Change in…

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Bedroom Tax – hurting just like we said it would

17 Dec 2015, by in Society & Welfare

This was MPs’ last day before the holidays and the department for Work and Pensions celebrated by publishing fourteen – count them – reports, releases and statements. In this take out the trash glut you might be forgiven for missing the excitingly titled Evaluation of Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy: Final Report. [For those of us with…

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East European Migrants and the Welfare State

10 Dec 2015, by in Labour market

A new report was published today that ought to have a massive impact on what the politicians say about migration. It’s called Social dimension of intra-EU mobility: Impact on public services and it looks at the impact in West European countries of migration from the ten new member states in the East.(*) I say it ought to…

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