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NIESR report shows need to end race to the bottom on jobs

28 Apr 2016, by in International

A report released this week by NIESR identifies low pay and precarious contracts as key reasons more local workers do not take up jobs in the hospitality, food processing and construction sectors. This has led employers in these sectors to draw on migrant workers from other EU countries, who face even more precarious conditions at home, to fill vacancies.…

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UK must stop blocking EU from taking action against China steel dumping

25 Apr 2016, by in International

The fallacy of Brexit campaigners claim that the EU is preventing the UK from taking action against China dumping cheap steel has been exposed with the government’s announcement today that its plans to part-nationalise the steel industry would be compatible with EU state aid rules. As the TUC makes clear in our briefing, the UK government can and should use…

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UNCTAD calls for investment agreements to uphold labour rights and democracy

17 Mar 2016, by in International

Yesterday I spoke at the United Nations Conference on Development (UNCTAD) meeting ‘Taking stock of international investment agreement reform’  which looked at the options for reform to investment protections such as ISDS that are currently used in international investment agreements (which include TTIP and the EU-Canada agreement known as CETA). To coincide with this meeting, UNCTAD…

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Migration Advisory Committee report calls for public sector pay rise – but there’s a few snags

28 Jan 2016, by in International

Last week, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), the independent body which advises the government on migration policy, released its report on skilled migration. This report was prompted by the government asking the MAC to recommend how it could reduce net migration in pursuit of its unachievable and objectionable policy of an annual cap on net migration to…

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Lords call for Immigration Bill to give asylum seekers right to work and protect domestic workers

15 Jan 2016, by in International

On Monday the Immigration Bill will start to be debated by the House of Lords select committee. As I have blogged previously, the Bill contains a number of threats for workers. It will introduce measures to criminalise undocumented workers that will make it easier for bad bosses to exploit migrants and other vulnerable workers. My colleague Sally Brett…

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