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Fair pay for migrant workers needs sectoral machinery

24 Mar 2014, by in Labour market

When employers take on migrant workers more cheaply than local workers, fair pay is not possible. Unions in construction, agriculture, food, care and service sectors – where migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe which joined the EU in 2004 have been concentrated –  report widespread use of migrant labour to undercut wages and conditions. …

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The Immigration Bill: hostility won’t tackle austerity

16 Oct 2013, by in International

Last week Teresa May announced Government policies to create a ‘hostile environment’ for undocumented migrants with the launch of the Immigration Bill.  If this Bill becomes law, it would introduce charges for non-EU migrants to use the NHS and would introduce sweeping document checks across society – for landlords, at banks, for those wishing to…

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United Nation’s High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development must provide rights for domestic workers

01 Oct 2013, by in International

This week, the United Nations High-level Dialogue (HLD) on International Migration and Development will take place in New York.  Amongst those participating in the event will be Marissa Begonia, Coordinator of Justice 4 Domestic Workers (J4DW), a self-organised branch of Unite the Union.  Marissa is a domestic worker herself and will tell decision makers from around…

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Queen’s Speech immigration measures: objectionable and unworkable

08 May 2013, by in Politics, Society & Welfare

The Queen’s Speech today announced details of the Government’s new Immigration Bill.  The precise details of the bill remain sketchy, but details the Government has released so far include proposals to regulate migrants’ access to the NHS, increase fines against businesses using illegal labour, require private landlords to check tenants’ status, and prevent illegal immigrants…

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