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Spinning the railways

02 Dec 2016, by in Public services

UK passengers spend up to six times as much of their salary on rail fares than commuters using largely publicly owned railways in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. We have the most expensive commuter fares in Europe – and it’s no coincidence that out of those countries listed, we’re the only one with a fully…

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One in three commuter trains delayed

18 Feb 2016, by in Public services

According to a survey published by Which? today, one in three commuter trains are delayed, and 7% of the 7,000 respondents were delayed by 30 minutes or more. Arriva Trains Wales came out worst with 31% of passengers being delayed. This was despite receiving around £331m in net subsidies from the taxpayer in 2013/14, while…

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Building a world-class bus system for Britain

26 Jan 2016, by in Public services

Buses are a life-line for millions, providing access to employment, education and training, public services and leisure activities. But instead of a world-class bus service, bus deregulation has delivered higher fares and worsening services resulting in a drop in usage. The government’s austerity agenda is also contributing to worsening access across the country. Worsening services…

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