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Bill no mates: Growing opposition to the trade union bill from across the political spectrum

11 Sep 2015, by in Politics

Civil liberty groups, voluntary organisations, NGOs, academics, employer organisations, groups representing users of public services, and industry commentators across the UK have joined the TUC in voicing their opposition the government’s Trade Union Bill. A selection of their comments is provided below. Former Business Secretary Vince Cable has told the Guardian the Bill marks a…

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Born in the 90s? Then this Budget is not for you

08 Jul 2015, by in Economics

“This is a one nation Budget,” announced the Chancellor in his introduction to today’s Budget, before announcing reforms that exclude under 25s from higher pay and 18-21 year olds from housing benefit, scrapping maintenance grants for students, and permitting elite (“high-quality teaching”) Universities to increase tuition fees. The TUC of course welcomes the government move…

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