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#Budget2015: Did it lay the foundations for longer term growth?

18 Mar 2015, by in Economics

Today’s Budget contained a range of measures to support industry, infrastructure and science. Among the highlights were: £400m up to 2020-21 for the funding of cutting-edge scientific infrastructure. The government will also provide further strategic science and innovation investments to make the UK a global leader in emerging markets and technologies; A near doubling of…

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A few thoughts on industrial policy, productivity … and Italy!

09 Feb 2015, by in Economics

Sadly, most Touchstone readers won’t be able to watch this fascinating discussion between Mariana Mazzucato, author of ‘The Entrepreneurial State’, and Yoram Gutgeld, economic advisor to the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi. It took place on ‘Otto e Mezzo’, a discussion programme broadcast on the Italian TV channel, LA7 and is, unfortunately, without subtitles. I’ll…

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Can we make 2015 the year of good work?

20 Jan 2015, by in Labour market

What is a good company? This morning, the Co-operative Bank announced an update of its ethical policy based on responses from 74,000 customers and staff. As a result, the bank will not lend to companies involved in irresponsible gambling, payday lending or fracking, as well as those companies seeking to avoid paying their fair share…

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Autumn Statement 2014 – What’s in it for industry?

03 Dec 2014, by in Economics

Today’s Autumn Statement contained an important package on growth and productivity. So what did we get? And was it enough? First, there was good news on infrastructure. £15bn was committed to improve the national road network. This includes around £6bn to resurface 80% of the national network, and over £9bn to add 1,300 extra lane…

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Frugal innovation and the role of trade unions

22 Oct 2014, by in Economics

I was at the RSA yesterday, enjoying a half-day conference on innovation run by the always-inspiring Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Sussex University. When we think of innovation today, we are most likely to think of the latest mobile device or app. Indeed, it is SPRU’s Mariana Mazzucato whose book, ‘The Entrepreneurial State’, describes…

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The challenges facing Europe on pay

19 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Today’s Financial Times (£) dedicates a page to discussing the need to address wage rises among middle earners. This comes under the title ‘The big read: Equality’. It is the FT’s latest foray into the equality debate (there was an interesting piece by Gillian Tett last week). For the FT, champion of the free market,…

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Europe needs a pay rise!

18 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Europe needs a pay rise as productivity permits, according to Raymond Torres of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Speaking at the conference ‘Labour Economics after the Crisis’ here in Brussels, Torres added that in response to persistent unemployment, the euro area should widen its reforms to cover product and financial markets, and taxes, rather than…

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How can we put Britain’s economy on a stable footing?

17 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Amidst the saturation coverage of the Scottish referendum, there’s a fascinating editorial in the Financial Times (£) today, entitled ‘Put Britain’s economy on a sustainable footing’. The crux of the FT’s argument is that the Government moved quickly to stave off a return to recession in 2012, but in going for a quick result at…

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Trade unions: shaping the process of change

08 Sep 2014, by in Politics

This afternoon, the Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna, addressed delegates to the TUC’s Congress in Liverpool. Headline writers will – quite rightly – focus on Chuka’s commitment, if elected, to “end blacklisting, once and for all”, in our construction industry. But in this post, I’d like to focus on another section of Chuka’s speech. Among…

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