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Budget 2014: Two cheers for the Department for Business

19 Mar 2014, by in Economics

Vince Cable and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) was a clear winner in today’s Budget. The ‘red book’, which sets out detailed tax and spending decisions in the Budget, lists announcements which, whilst modest, will assist the drive for balanced economic growth and will support manufacturers. Those announcements include: A doubling of the annual investment…

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Today’s PISA results and the Asian challenge

03 Dec 2013, by in Economics, Politics

Today’s PISA results have, quite rightly, provoked a vigorous debate about educational standards in the UK. In headline terms, out of a total of 34 countries, the UK scores 16th for reading, 19th for maths and 14th for science. PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment, is run by the OECD every three years. I…

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More Mandarin, please!

25 Nov 2013, by in Economics, International, Politics

With apologies for late posting, I attended an excellent meeting at the RSA last Wednesday, to discuss a new book of essays, ‘Influencing Tomorrow’, co-edited by the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, and the Director of the European Leadership Network, Ian Kearns. The book addresses a wide range of foreign policy challenges and, as regular…

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Economics, fair wages and the rise of the machines

06 Nov 2013, by in Economics

I was in the audience at Battersea Power Station yesterday, to hear Ed Miliband’s speech about the cost of living crisis. During his speech, Ed mentioned that the Conservative’s seemed to have nothing to say in response to his initiative of a one-year tax break for companies paying the Living Wage. As if he had…

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China: What are its next steps?

05 Nov 2013, by in Economics, International

How I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when the 21st Century Council think tank – whose guests included former British PM Gordon Brown and his former Italian counterpart, Mario Monti –  met with Xi Jinping, the President of China, in the Great Hall of the People last week. The meeting is…

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China, the UK and Economic Rebalancing: What about the jobs?

16 Oct 2013, by in Economics

The ever-thoughtful Linda Yueh has published a great article on the BBC website about industrial rebalancing, to coincide with the visits to China of the Chancellor, George Osborne, and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Linda argues that both the UK and China are seeking to rebalance. But whereas the UK wants more manufacturing, in…

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China: A Reflection

02 Oct 2013, by in Economics

It is now four days since I returned from East Asia. I’ve had time to readjust to the time zone, slept a lot (in my own bed, too!) and I am now in a reflective space. Generally, I’m thinking about China, how far it has come and where it might go. Specifically, I’m thinking about…

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Tim’s East Asian Diary: Part Two – Incredible Innovation

17 Sep 2013, by in Economics

Aditya Chakrabortty’s fascinating piece for today’s Guardian, in which he describes Apple as “turning into a typical American corporation”, is even more fascinating from where I’m sitting. For one more night, I am in Seoul, South Korea, to study this country’s industrial policy. And it’s impossible to speak for long about South Korean industry without…

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