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On industrial strategy, a return to Thatcher is not the answer!

26 Jul 2016, by in Economics

This morning, the former Foreign Secretary and Conservative Party Leader, William Hague, has stepped into the debate about the nature of the UK’s industrial strategy. Hague’s intervention, in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, has been prompted by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, welcome commitment to such a strategy as part of her developing economic narrative. Hague cannot…

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Powering Ahead – a Strategy for Sustainable Industry

22 Jul 2016, by in Economics

Today, the TUC publishes ‘Powering Ahead: How UK industry can match Europe’s environmental leaders’. This report, based on new research from Germany and Denmark, considers both how to rebuild the UK’s industrial sector and how to align the needs of industry with the quest for a cleaner, greener planet. ‘Powering Ahead’ addresses two of the…

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Industrial and environmental policy in #Budget2016: Is that it?

16 Mar 2016, by in Environment

Like the rest of the Budget, measures announced today to address industry, energy and the environment were distinctly underwhelming. I’ve just ploughed through the Budget document (the so-called ‘red book’) and perhaps the Guardian’s Aditya Chakrabortty sums it up in my favourite tweet of the day: No, George, you are not the builders. You are…

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What role for industrial strategy in wealth redistribution?

11 Feb 2016, by in Economics

Yesterday, the ever-thoughtful Policy Network caught my eye with the following tweet: “The left needs to create a new industrial strategy to deliver redistribution without the help of the big state.” This tweet linked to an article, ‘Socialism without the state’, by Claudia Chwalisz and Patrick Diamond. I won’t say too much about the role…

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Osborne commits to industrial strategy #SpendingReview

25 Nov 2015, by in Economics

In his speech to Parliament today, the Chancellor, George Osborne said: “Businesses also need an active and sustained industrial strategy. That strategy launched in the last parliament continues in this one.” To be truly accurate, the strategy was launched in the parliament before last, with Peter Mandelson’s ‘New Industry, New Jobs’ policy. But let’s not…

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Digital Disruption or Digital Dividend?

01 Oct 2015, by in Economics

It was a pleasure to speak at a fringe meeting on the digital economy, organised by Policy Network, at this year’s Labour Party Conference. I haven’t spoken or written on this subject before, so here are my slightly adapted comments to the meeting. “It is sometimes argued that the widespread adoption of Information and Communications…

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