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Scratched record on tax keeps playing

28 Aug 2008, by in Economics

Here we go again.  Struggling investment fund Hendersons Group is moving its HQ to Ireland to escape the barbaric way we tax businesses in the UK.  That just adds to the vast flow of firms that the City and the CBI repeatedly tell us will quit.  Er, in fact, just three this year.  Maybe they’ll all…

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Spinning the pay data

28 Aug 2008, by in Economics, Labour market

The broadcast media this morning are spinning the pay figures from Income Data Services as a sign that inflation is now driving up wages.  They’ve even found some ill-informed and/or self-interested pundits to claim this is the case.  As I posted yesterday, the figures don’t show this at all.  There’s a very balanced report on…

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Still waiting for the wage-price spiral!

27 Aug 2008, by in Economics, Labour market

The latest figures from Income Data Services show that pay settlements between April and July represented a 3.5% rise in salaries. Hardly inflation busting. The figures also show how diverse and responsive the UK’s pay bargaining process now is, with some sectors, such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals settling at around 4.5% while retail and the not-for-profit sectors are sticking…

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