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#Budget2016 is much better for the better off

16 Mar 2016, by in Economics

Earlier today I discussed the costs and benefits of the Chancellor’s plans to increase the personal tax allowance (PTA) to £12,500 and the higher rate threshold (HRT) to £50,000 by 2020 (Spoiler alert: the costs are high and the benefits are scant). Today the Chancellor took a sizable step towards those not-so-laudable goals. As of…

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Where does the Chancellor now stand, as calls for public spending and ending reliance on monetary policy grow ever louder?

21 Feb 2016, by in Economics

Prompted in part by the OECD’s latest warnings, more and more commentators are now arguing for expansionary policies.  They argue that with the monetary policy near exhausted, governments need to step up and spend. The OECD set matters in motion. In their latest economic report (here; chief economist Catherine Mann’s slides are good), they urged…

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