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The challenges facing Europe on pay

19 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Today’s Financial Times (£) dedicates a page to discussing the need to address wage rises among middle earners. This comes under the title ‘The big read: Equality’. It is the FT’s latest foray into the equality debate (there was an interesting piece by Gillian Tett last week). For the FT, champion of the free market,…

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Europe needs a pay rise!

18 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Europe needs a pay rise as productivity permits, according to Raymond Torres of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Speaking at the conference ‘Labour Economics after the Crisis’ here in Brussels, Torres added that in response to persistent unemployment, the euro area should widen its reforms to cover product and financial markets, and taxes, rather than…

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How can we put Britain’s economy on a stable footing?

17 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Amidst the saturation coverage of the Scottish referendum, there’s a fascinating editorial in the Financial Times (£) today, entitled ‘Put Britain’s economy on a sustainable footing’. The crux of the FT’s argument is that the Government moved quickly to stave off a return to recession in 2012, but in going for a quick result at…

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Mark Carney’s speech – thoughtful, respectful and recognising the importance of pay growth returning

09 Sep 2014, by in Economics

Mark Carney’s speech was pretty warmly received at the TUC Congress today.  We are well aware the Governor of the Bank of England will always speak in measured tones, but our general impression was that Mr Carney was making a serious and thoughtful speech to an audience that he was taking very seriously. We were particularly glad…

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CPI Inflation: Well below target

20 Aug 2014, by in Economics

The reversal in the headline consumer price index (CPI) figures to 1.6 per cent in July from 1.9 per cent in June shows inflation remains comfortably below target. But even these headline figures are likely to exaggerate any underlying position, in the sense of a measure that more accurately reflects inflationary pressures from market-based forces…

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