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Beyond Shareholder Value – the reasons and choices for corporate governance reform

08 Jul 2014, by in Economics

The emphasis on shareholder value within our corporate governance system contributes to short-termism and is damaging both our economy and society. Reform is possible and urgent. There are a wide range of practical ideas for what form it should take, including in the area of stakeholder representation within decision-making within companies and in the wider…

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Andrew Adonis on the ‘Fractured Economy’.

01 Jul 2014, by in Economics

The ever-thoughtful Andrew Adonis has put much flesh on the bones of a future Labour growth strategy in his report, ‘Mending the Fractured Economy’, published this morning. This report follows a plan for growth published two years ago by one of the great thinkers on the Conservative side, Michael Heseltine. I take a close interest…

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A Close Look at the UK “Recovery”

28 Jun 2014, by in Economics

Policies of fiscal austerity have brought deprivation and despair to millions of people in Europe, not least in Britain.  In my recent book, Economics of the 1%, I explain in simple, straight-forward language why the arguments for austerity are nonsense.

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US economy would benefit from higher minimum wage, says IMF

17 Jun 2014, by in Economics

The International Monetary Fund’s statement that the US would benefit from a higher minimum wage (Country Report, section 3) demonstrates two important things. First, even the most conventional economists can now see merits in minimum wages. In the US case, the orthodox argument is simply that the wage-setting process is an unequal one, because employers…

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Pfizer’s bid for AstraZeneca shows that the way to depoliticise takeovers is to regulate them effectively

19 May 2014, by in Economics

The Pfizer-Astra Zeneca takeover tussle illustrates yet again the problems with the UK’s system of mergers and takeovers. Nonetheless, there are some interesting differences in comparison to the Kraft takeover bid for Cadbury back in 2010. The media and political debate around the merits of the Pfizer bid has centred largely on the likely impact…

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Mansion sales booming

01 May 2014, by in Economics

Sales of houses worth more than a million pounds increased by 61% last year, compared with a 46% increase in the volume of all sales, according to the latest report by the official Land Registry for England and Wales. A total of 1,011 million pound properties were sold in the year to March 2014, of which 70%…

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Too many landlords are abusing their power

01 May 2014, by in Economics

The Labour Party has today announced that they would tighten the regulation of private sector letting. This is clearly needed, because the balance of power has shifted to far towards landlords and too many of them are abusing it.  Nearly all private lettings are now Assured Short-hold Tenancies, which operate on a monthly basis and allow…

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