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Fair Tax Mark launch heralds new era for Tax Justice

01 Mar 2014, by in Economics

2012 was the year that the world woke up to the inequities of corporate tax avoidance, with the barefaced tax aggression of Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft and others forcing the issue on to the front pages. And 2013 was the year that Governments started to respond (albeit meekly), with the UK‘s pledge to close the tax…

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What credit boom? Bank lending & the recovery

27 Feb 2014, by in Economics

As the Bank of England have acknowledged, the current recovery has been associated with a decline in the household savings ratio (the percentage of their income that households save in aggregate). As the latest Inflation Report puts it: The UK economy grew by 1.9% in 2013, the strongest annual growth rate for six years. Much…

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Tracking opinion on spending cuts

26 Feb 2014, by in Economics

Every so often I look at the YouGov series on economic policy commissioned by the Sun. The great advantage of this is that they keep asking the same questions so that you can track how public opinion has moved since the general election. I would have chosen a slightly different set of questions, but these…

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High debt ratios don’t cause recessions. The cure might.

20 Feb 2014, by in Economics, International

Last week an IMF working paper* from the Fund’s research department found no evidence to back up the notion of a ‘magical threshold’ in the level of national indebtedness, above which economic growth falls off dramatically. Indeed it looks like the theory may have encouraged politicians to confuse cause and effect with disastrous results. Hopefully this paper is…

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The Labour Market Stats

19 Feb 2014, by in Economics

I’ve got a post up at Left Foot Forward looking at today’s labour market statistics. As in recent months, today’s figures were broadly good news but with causes for concern behind the headlines. Wage growth remains weak and the labour market is a long way from ‘normal’.  

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Budget 2014 must halt overseas march of the makers

17 Feb 2014, by in Economics

  Industry and the TUC have today called on the Chancellor in his March Budget to lighten the load on energy intensive industries like steel, ceramics and chemicals. The cost of the Renewables Obligation (RO), the UK’s lead incentive for wind farms and other major renewable energy schemes, is carried by consumers, but none more so than electricity intensive industries. 

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Policy Responses to the Next Recession

17 Feb 2014, by in Economics

Worrying about the ‘next recession’ when we still haven’t fully recovered from the last one seems like an especially depressing way to spend one’s time. But over the last few days, ever since Mark Carney’s press conference on Wednesday, it’s something that has been bothering me. To take the obvious point first – we still…

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