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How fast is technological change happening?

25 Jan 2017, by in Economics

This is the first in a series of blogs considering the extent of robotisation and its impact. In a lecture at the TUC in November 2015, Andy Haldane, Chief Economist to the Bank of England said that “we may be on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution”. Clearly, the use of technology is not…

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Jobs & living standards no longer top priority for government

22 Jan 2017, by in Economics

Although her speech on industrial strategy on Monday could redress the balance a bit, the Prime Minister’s speech on Brexit last week confirmed that her government is putting jobs and living standards lower down their agenda than exiting the European Union and reducing migration. Is the era of Bill Clinton’s famous advice to his election…

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Higher pay growth in lower paid industries

18 Jan 2017, by in Economics

There are countless reasons to not get carried away by today’s pay growth figures – with regular pay in the private sector hitting 3 per cent in November. (To recap: with accelerating inflation, real pay growth has stalled at 1.7% and is likely to get worse. We’ve been here before: with nominal private sector pay…

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Globalisation isn’t a ‘given’

13 Jan 2017, by in Economics

The impact of globalisation on working people’s wages, jobs and prospects emerged as one of the key themes of 2016, following the seismic political developments in both Europe and the US. 2017 sees no sign of the debate going away. The policymaking community is figuring out how to react. As Gavin Kelly put it:  ’tis…

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We are more equal (because we are all worse off)

12 Jan 2017, by in Economics

Normally figures (here) showing the income distribution had narrowed to the lowest point for thirty years – since 1986, the height of Thatcherism – would be reason for celebration. But these are not normal times. The country may be less unequal, but everybody is poorer. Thatcherites used to boast that a rising tide would raise…

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What we talk about when we talk about insecure work

16 Dec 2016, by in Economics

Today sees the launch of a new TUC report mapping insecurity at work in Britain today, and how key risks associated with work have been transferred to working people, while the financial rewards from flexibility accrue to employers. We find that 3.2 million workers, one in ten, face insecurity in their working lives, due to…

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