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#COP21: Cameron divests from our future

01 Dec 2015, by in Environment

Here in Paris there is a sense of disbelief that David Cameron has scrapped a £1 billion green infrastructure investment in the shape of the UK’s programme for carbon capture and storage (CCS). Projects at White Rose, Yorkshire, and Peterhead, Scotland, were set to be the star turn at a major event here at the UN climate…

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Chancellor devastates carbon capture industry with £1 billion funding cut #SpendingReview

25 Nov 2015, by in Environment

Without informing Parliament today, the Chancellor broke has cut the entire £1 billion funding for the UK’s Carbon Capture and Storage programme, leaving the power and industrial sectors in a state of shock. CCS was a Tory Manifesto commitment: “We will protect our planet for our children…committing £1 billion for carbon capture and storage.” The…

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Greenprint for a low carbon industrial strategy

16 Nov 2015, by in Environment

The “perfect storm” hitting the steel industry has cost up to 10,000 jobs in the North East alone, directly or as consequence of steel plant closures. The Chancellor’s Spending Review on 25 November is likely to make matters worse, with expected staffing and research budgets cut by 25% to 40% at the unprotected business department in…

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