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“Standing for the common good”

15 Apr 2015, by in Environment

At the Arcola theatre, Hackney, Natalie Bennett launched a Green party manifesto based on the wholesale rejection of austerity – “that no one in the world’s sixth richest economy should not be able to put food on their own table or have a roof over their head.” Bennett challenged the notion of an economy run…

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Labour: tackling climate change ‘an economic necessity’

13 Apr 2015, by in Environment

Labour’s manifesto says tackling climate change is “an economic necessity … the most important thing we must do for our children, our grandchildren and future generations.” It plans for the green economy create a million additional green jobs through world leading investment in low carbon technologies, a 2030 target for decarbonising our energy system, releasing…

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Health & Fracking: impacts and opportunity costs

30 Mar 2015, by in Environment

An independent report from health professionals Medact, Health and fracking: the impacts and opportunity costs, concludes that fracking generates numerous public health risks. A moratorium should apply until a full public impact assessment is “conducted by a body that is entirely independent of the shale gas industry.” Medact examines and builds on a number of reviews…

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UK Coal mines hanging on a thread

26 Mar 2015, by in Environment

Today, in refusing to back UK Coal’s bid for State Aid, the government has almost shut the door on UK Coal mining. A £10m loan will avoid the inconvenient closure of UK Coal’s Thoresby mine during an election period. As TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady, said today, “Immediate help for UK Coal workers and their…

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2050 industry roadmaps? We dont have that much time

25 Mar 2015, by in Environment

The industrial, lobby has its work cut out for the next Parliament. The government’s 2050 roadmaps to decarbonise our most energy intensive industries, published today, reveal the enormous scale of investment needed. At a time of intensive international competition, our foundation industries are losing ground at an alarming rate, with the closure of over 1,000…

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#Budget2015: No Budget for a sustainable industrial future

18 Mar 2015, by in Environment

A classic Osborne Budget: a further £1.3 billion in tax breaks for North Sea oil and gas (and presumably onshore shale) but precious little of substance for the green economy. Measures to welcome include the £25m compensation scheme for energy intensive industries, brought forward to this October. Small investments in energy research, new company car…

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