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Green reps at work gaining more support

28 May 2014, by in Environment

Keeping an election promise, Plymouth city council has signed a Plymouth City Council and Joint Trade Unions Greener Workspace Agreement with workplace unions UNITE, UNISON and the GMB. Under Pledge 33, the council undertook “Introduce a Green Workplaces Scheme to encourage council staff to work with their managers to reduce carbon, encourage sustainability and save…

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“Stay out of markets” and see how CCS stumbles

21 May 2014, by in Environment

Here’s an infrastructure priority for the Queen’s Speech – for the government to fast-track final funding decisions on two pilot carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects at Peterhead and Drax by early 2015.  Today’s report from a Committee of MPs deplores the “extraordinarily slow” progress in CCS deployment. Many are the victims of delaying this…

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Share in Banister House Solar Co-op

20 May 2014, by in Environment

Hackney’s first community energy co-op, powered by a rooftop solar array, aims to cut energy bills, share profits with residents, provide paid internships, and cut carbon emissions. The Banister House Solar Co-operative, London’s second estate-based solar energy scheme, will be releasing a £150,000 share offer in July 2014. The co-op, run by Banister House residents…

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Government cuts for solar power are anti-business

12 May 2014, by in Environment

The Solar Trade Association (STA) fears the government will spring more surprise cuts to solar energy support on the industry this week. Fresh reports in the media of new ‘reviews’ are already affecting many small and medium solar companies. Solar farms were hit hard by cuts to Feed-In Tariffs in 2011. But, with the cost…

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Is “going all out for shale” the solution?

08 May 2014, by in Environment

It’s difficult to understand the evidence base on shale gas prices and jobs in the House of Lords 130-page report on The Economic Impact on UK Energy Policy of Shale Gas and Oil. The BBC Today programme already spotted that four of the 13 Lords’ Committee members declared an interest. In Lord Lawson’s case, an…

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A tale of two energy strategies

25 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Has the coalition mislaid its green economy compass? The Prime Minister has committed a future Conservative government to end subsidies for onshore wind farms. But Ministers committed public funding for eight renewable projects creating some 8,500 jobs, including a biomass plant at Drax. Yet it seems likely to be sued by Drax for not supporting a second identical biomass unit.…

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Credible policies could turn carbon tide

14 Apr 2014, by in Environment

A vision for an investing global economy, driving new jobs and skills in low carbon technologies, with governments collaborating on policy and competing industrially, can optimistically be drawn from the UN’s new climate change study. With carbon emissions accelerating, dangerous climate change may be as likely under current pledges to cut emissions. But the UN argues, time and tide are…

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Cameron promised to save UK Coal

10 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Last week the Prime Minister was asked on BBC1′s Breakfast if he was ready to act to “keep these mines alive.” “Yes”, he said, “We will do everything we can.” Today the government announced a £10m loan to UK Coal, fully repayable at a commercial interest rate in autumn 2015. All 1,300 mining jobs will…

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“UK’s coal industry is fighting for its survival”

08 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Even before UK Coal threatened to shut two of our three remaining deep mines, with the loss of up to 2,000 jobs, the government was warned  that “The UK’s coal industry is fighting for its survival.” Today’s Ministerial holding Statement said,”The future of UK Coal is primarily a commercial matter.” But much more is at stake. So much, in…

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