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Energy market harms consumers

18 Feb 2015, by in Environment

This is some of the harm in a dysfunctional energy market immune from consumer switching. Over the past decade, energy prices have risen at a much faster rate than overall inflation, as our chart shows, with consumers’ gas prices rising faster than electricity. Standard tariffs make the highest profits. Yet consumers aren’t switching, while wholesale…

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Climate actions speak louder than words

17 Feb 2015, by in Environment

Through union lobbying efforts, the ITUC got back “The just transition of the workforce and the creation of decent work” in the UN’s 88-page draft treaty agreed last week in Geneva. Given the massive changes in the world of work that lie ahead, it’s a relief to see core trade union issues back in play…

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An Eagle eye on the environment

05 Feb 2015, by in Environment

Keeping climate change off the current political agenda won’t make it go away. A clear majority of us agree that, “The floods last winter showed us what we can expect in the future from climate change,” according to a new poll. Mind, too, that during this Parliament half a million people signing a petition opposing…

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Government policies still hurting heavy industry

04 Feb 2015, by in Environment

If major employers like Sheffield Forgemasters and Unifrax at St Helens and Widnes are hurting, as the evidence shows, as a result of government policies introduced during this Parliament, then the government has some way to go to preserve the international competitiveness of our energy intensive industries. In evidence to MPs yesterday, Unifrax, which makes…

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£1billion a year essential for new flood defences

20 Jan 2015, by in Environment

£1billion a year must be spent on flood defences over the next decade to cope with the rising threat of flooding, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and campaigners like Friends of the Earth. In a new initiative, they argue for an end to building new homes in flood-risk areas, to prevent communities…

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Time for energy democracy

13 Jan 2015, by in Environment

How much more coal, oil and gas including shale gas can we continue to burn and still have a 50:50 chance of keeping the rise in global average temperatures below 2 degrees C? The Coalition’s Infrastructure Bill would make it legally binding on government to “Maximise the economic recovery of UK Petroleum.” But even at…

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