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Amber axes most cost effective wind projects

22 Jun 2015, by in Environment

A worrying early sign that the Conservative administration doesn’t get the link between energy and manufacturing policy. The The Energy Secretary has effectively cancelled 250 onshore wind projects already in development by cutting the subsidies which would aid their completion. Today’s decision is likely to mean that 2,500 turbines which were due to be built…

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MEPs urge Congress to allow climate action in trade deals

12 Jun 2015, by in Environment

Today, the US House of Representatives is debating whether to allow President Obama authority to negotiate trade deals for the next 6 years without significant Congressional scrutiny. In what is normally referred to as the ‘fast track’ procedure, the House will be asked to agree a mandate for trade negotiations such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)…

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Bonn blog #1: UN hooks Just Transition at #SB42

05 Jun 2015, by in Environment

In Bonn this week, where the UN is labouring through an 86-page draft climate treaty, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has welcomed the return of three clear commitments to just transition and decent work in the draft text. Labour’s three “hooks” re-appeared when talks resumed in Geneva in February 2015, reinstating commitments the have been…

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