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Tackling air pollution is a matter of choice

10 Sep 2014, by in Environment

    The Daily Mail published the UK pollution map, see above, on 3 April 2014, headlining that Britain was “left gasping for breath yesterday as a grey cloud of smog descended over much of the country.” The Government’s approach to tackling air pollution is ‘designed to mask the true scale of England’s air quality…

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UK or Russian coal – that’s the question

04 Aug 2014, by in Environment

For all the focus on shale gas fracking and North Sea oil, coal is the UK’s forgotten fuel. The “carbon footprint” of coal in transit from Russia and Colombia is nearly 300 times that of locally sourced, UK-mined coal. Greenpeace says the UK spends nearly a billion pounds each year importing coal from Russia, with…

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Fracking puts climate change at risk, objectors argue

29 Jul 2014, by in Environment

Most of the 2,419 organisations and individuals responding to the government’s statutory consultation on its nationwide fracking plan  objected to it. “A substantial majority were against the licensing plan being adopted because of concerns over environmental effects,” the report says. Effects on public health, landscape, biodiversity, water resources, water contamination, climate change, traffic generation and…

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Fracking from a new hymn sheet?

28 Jul 2014, by in Environment

The focus groups have been hard at it, nuancing messages for the latest shale gas announcements. Gone is the bullish Prime Ministerial “We’re going all out for shale.” Now, we frack beauty spots “in exceptional circumstances.” Last year, Michael Fallon, then energy minister, said fracking “could test the thickness of rectory walls” in middle England.…

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