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The TUC campaigns against discrimination at work and in wider society. Unions have in particular been at the forefront of the drive for equality at work, whether through the struggle for equal pay, through tackling racism or working for equal access to learning and skills.

Pregnancy discrimination: Government action is long overdue and misses the point

26 Jan 2017, by in Equality

Today the government published its long overdue response to the Women and Equalities Select Committee report on pregnancy and maternity discrimination. Given that the EHRC estimate that some 54,000 women are forced out of their jobs per year due to pregnancy discrimination, and the Women and Equalities Select Committee published their report in August 2016,…

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The solution to sexist dress codes? Access to justice

25 Jan 2017, by in Equality

Imagine that you’re applying for a mystery job and you’re told that all female applicants must adhere to the following dress code: Heel height normally a minimum of 2 inches and maximum of 4 inches, unless otherwise agreed by the client company. Make-up worn at all times and regularly re-applied, with a minimum of: Light…

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Counting the cost of pregnancy discrimination

29 Oct 2016, by in Equality

This week, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released figures on the financial cost of pregnancy discrimination.  For women who lose their jobs, the cost is between £47 million and £113 million, just in the first year.  Losses flowing from long term impacts on their career have not been calculated. This research follows on…

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