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Counting the cost of pregnancy discrimination

29 Oct 2016, by in Equality

This week, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released figures on the financial cost of pregnancy discrimination.  For women who lose their jobs, the cost is between £47 million and £113 million, just in the first year.  Losses flowing from long term impacts on their career have not been calculated. This research follows on…

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Disabled people pulling down barriers across the EU

08 Jun 2016, by in Equality

This week Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson warned of the risks of leaving the EU for disability rights. The response from a Vote Leave spokesman was that the UK outlawed disability discrimination long before the EU did and that “EU governments have a terrible track record in protecting the disabled, and certainly should not be able to…

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Work dress codes, high heels, and patent sexism

12 May 2016, by in Equality

There are so many problems with the story of Nicola Thorp, the London receptionist who was sent home by her agency, Portico, without pay because she refused to wear high heels, it’s hard to know where to begin. From a health and safety perspective, heels are bad for feet, joints and back. Sorry to be the…

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Many graduates still get little return on their investment, particularly if they’re BAME.

26 Apr 2016, by in Equality

Graduate employment statistics released today indicate that in 2015 the percentage of graduates in high-skill (i.e. graduate) employment was only 66.2 per cent, meaning just over a third of graduates were in non-graduate positions.  Frances O’Grady commented: “There are simply not enough quality jobs for young people leaving university. Far too many graduates are being…

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