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Why liberal approaches to migration won’t work

08 Jan 2017, by in International

While he was a member of the coalition government, Vince Cable was one of the main proponents of a liberal immigration policy, in particular arguing for greater openness to Indian migration as a necessary and even beneficial component of an EU-India trade deal. So his apparent conversion to opposing EU free movement has hit the…

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Three key messages from Sir Ivan Rogers’ resignation

04 Jan 2017, by in International

The headlines yesterday and today focus on “muddled thinking” as the key phrase to stand out from the leaked resignation e-mail of the civil service’s top man in Brussels, Sir Ivan Rogers. But in fact, that’s only the third most important part of the story around the shock departure of the UK Permanent Representative (Ambassador)…

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What Migration Watch aren’t telling you about what leaving the single market would mean

30 Dec 2016, by in International

Migration Watch, the anti-immigration organisation, published a report yesterday calling for the UK to leave the single market to reduce net EU immigration. Like so much of what is said about migration, the incomplete nature of the argument is deliberately misleading. In particular, Migration Watch are guilty of hiding the true costs to working people of…

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