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Major Reforms to Self-Employed Tax Administration

20 Oct 2016, by in Labour market

Government proposals for tax reforms may sound very technical, but they have huge implications for self-employed workers. Back in August the government published a set of Consultation Documents on their proposed reforms to the UK tax system under the rubric Making Tax Digital. These reforms have huge implications for all self-employed workers with a projected…

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Total bonuses reach record high

15 Sep 2016, by in Labour market

Government figures out today show that total bonuses across the economy have reached the highest level ever, surpassing the previous high seen just before the financial crash in 2007-8. While the financial sector accounts for nearly one third of the total, the rate of increase in total bonuses has been faster in the rest of…

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Record employment and profits bode well for minimum wage increase

18 Aug 2016, by in Labour market

Some employers have been lobbying the government to slow down or stall its minimum wage target for those aged 24 and above. The argument made is that post-referendum economic uncertainty will make the target impossible to meet. This is palpable nonsense.  First, the Low Pay Commission (LPC) is currently considering the rates that will apply from April 2017 to March 2018.…

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European unions take a stand on the platform against undeclared work

17 Jun 2016, by in Labour market

Undeclared work, if not properly confronted, threatens to undermine employment, wages and conditions for workers across Europe. The launch of the European Commission’s ‘Undeclared Work Platform’ was a long overdue initiative to tackle the exploitation of workers and unfair competition for law-abiding employers. And unions are playing a key role in the Platform. Undeclared work…

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