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The State Pension muddle and 1950s women

05 Jan 2016, by in Pensions & Investment

On Thursday, Mhairi Black, the youngest MP in Parliament, will do her bit for intergenerational solidarity by opening a House of Commons debate on State Pension age changes. A long-simmering row over the impact on women born in the 1950s of a combination of State Pension Age equalisation with men, and increased State Pension Age for…

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Pension costs – Inertia rules

17 Dec 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

One of the challenges in participating in the long-running debate about the level of costs and charges levied on pensions is the risk of getting all Rumsfeldian. If we do not know what charges and costs are being borne by scheme members and their impact on savers’ standards of living in retirement, it is hard to…

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Pensions round-up in #SpendingReview 2015

25 Nov 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

In contrast to recent budget speeches, which have included significant changes to pensions policy, the pensions announcements in this spending review do not herald any major new policy developments. However, the government has moved forwards on its plans to introduce pooling in investments for local government pension schemes. In addition, the consultation launched in the…

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The North/South divide in healthy old age

23 Sep 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

In 1979 pop singer Debbie Harry suggested her preferred life pattern was “Die Young, Stay Pretty”. Ms Harry, as part of the band Blondie, has blithely ignored her own advice and is pumping out records and touring more than three decades later. However, her focus on healthy life expectancy, rather than merely longevity is useful…

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Don’t you (forget about DB)

27 Jul 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

It is easy to overlook defined benefit (DB) pension schemes when so much of the talk in the pensions world is of cruises, conservatories and high-powered sports cars. But their central role in the retirement savings of millions of people and as a crucial underpinning for the ongoing automatic enrolment reforms means that protecting and…

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“Shoulda, woulda, coulda”: yet more evidence suggests income beats choice in retirement

14 Jul 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

Beverley Knight is a woman well aware of the consequences of poor decision-making. “Now ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda’ means I’m out of time, “Coz ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda’, can’t change your mind.” Inexplicably, popular music tends to gives more attention to matters of the heart than it does to retirement planning. So Ms Knight was in this case bemoaning the…

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A workplace savings strategy is a good idea – but tread carefully

03 Jul 2015, by in Pensions & Investment

New Pensions Minister Ros Altmann has caused a stir with the publication this week of her pre-Election musings about the possible desirability of extending workplace savings beyond pensions. This is a useful and important development because a strategy to improve short and medium term savings could bolster long-term savings as well as help people develop greater…

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