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Pensions – where next?

25 Mar 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

I worried that I might be a lone voice in my concern about the pensions changes announced in the budget, but if anything criticism has grown in recent days. I have also realised that I share a common agenda with at least some of those who have been cheering the Chancellor for ending compulsory annuities…

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A pensions disaster in the making?

21 Mar 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

I am more and more concerned about the budget changes to pensions. My initial reaction was one of worry – now I am both alarmed and angry. The policy proposals are worrying because they take pensions policy in entirely the wrong direction – back to the 1980s. The policy process rips up a painfully constructed…

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This is not a pensions strategy

19 Mar 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

There is a big shake-up of pensions in the budget, particularly for defined contribution or DC pensions, which are set to grow in importance as auto-enrolment spreads. (DC pensions build up an investment pot while people are working, which then have to be turned into pension income when people retire.) Janet has already looked at…

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