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Don’t read this if you are in your 50s…

24 Nov 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

Cognitive performance peaks at the age of 53, according to analysis by NEST, the National Employment Savings Trust. It is just one of a series of insights provided by a superb piece of work entitled The Future of Retirement which is published today. The document is NEST’s attempt to bring evidence and rigorous analysis to…

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Webb must press on with revealing pensions industry’s “murky secret”

21 Oct 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

Given the enthusiasm for whizz-bang novelties in recent Coalition pensions policy making, Pensions Minister Steve Webb is to be congratulated for pressing on with the long-awaited charge cap.  I have written a blog for Pensions Insight about the Government’s decision to limit some charges in some pension funds from April, and Mr Webb’s initial moves to unmask notoriously opaque transaction costs, which…

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“Levelling down” warning on workplace pensions

25 Sep 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

The ongoing roll-out of pensions auto-enrolment, which requires workers to actively opt-out of workplace retirement saving, is now widely regarded as a success by ensuring millions more people are enrolled in schemes with employer contributions. But official figures published today should end any complacency creeping in at the Department for Work and Pensions because they suggest that some companies may be…

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When a pension is no longer a pension

02 Sep 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

Wading through the remuneration reports of the UK’s biggest companies provides a glimpse of a different world. Easily overlooked among the array of multi-million pound salaries, bonuses and bumper share awards are details of executives’ pension arrangements. For 12 years the TUC’s PensionsWatch report has provided an insight into the multi-million pound pension pots amassed…

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