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Lords begin voting on the Brexit Bill: The TUC’s view

27 Feb 2017, by in Politics

Today and Wednesday, the Article 50 Brexit bill – known formally as the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2016-17 – will get its committee stage in the House of Lords. This is the stage where most of the voting will take place on specific amendments (although there may be more votes to come in…

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MPs debate Brexit: we want to know what will happen to our rights at work

31 Jan 2017, by in Politics

Today, the second reading debate for the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2016-17 begins. Or in shorthand, MPs will finally start debating Article 50, or the start of the Brexit negotiations. It has taken a long time to get something substantive debated – something more than just opinions – so we want something concrete about working people’s rights.…

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Building our technical skills: the Industrial Strategy Green Paper

26 Jan 2017, by in Politics

This week the Government has made a great deal of its proposals on skills in the Industrial Strategy Green Paper. A BEIS press release came out last weekend entitled Technical education at heart of modern industrial strategy and this echoed the longstanding refrain that the UK has world class universities, but by comparison “technical education for school…

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Brexit campaigners push for a bonfire of regulations (and rights)

07 Dec 2016, by in Politics

MPs from the cross-party Exiting the EU Select Committee today heard evidence on how Brexit could affect the world of work, from the TUC’s Frances O’Grady, CBI’s Carolyn Fairbairn and former BCC Director turned Brexit campaigner, John Longworth. We’ve heard a lot of promises in recent months from the PM and minsters that our employment rights…

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Workers’ rights and Brexit: holding the PM to her pledges

05 Oct 2016, by in Politics

Last Friday, I reiterated our key demand of the Government over Brexit: workers must not pay the price for the decision to leave. TUC opinion polling after the referendum showed that whatever people voted for on 23 June, it wasn’t to lose precious rights at work. The TUC and unions – as well as progressive politicians and commentators – have been…

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