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#MayMonitor: A new campaign to track progress of Theresa May’s government

13 Sep 2016, by in Politics

Theresa May became Prime Minister promising ‘a country that works for everyone’. She committed to fight the ‘burning injustice of inequality’, to support those who are ‘just managing’ but find life hard and to prioritise ‘ordinary working class families’ over the wealthy few. As Parliament returns from the summer recess the Women’s Budget Group launches…

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Article 50: so much for Parliamentary sovereignty!

04 Sep 2016, by in Politics

This week, Theresa May ruled out giving Parliament a vote before Article 50 is triggered. She’s explained her position in terms of respecting the will of the people as expressed in June’s referendum – and the TUC accepts that decision too. But we are still disappointed at her decision – in the name of a…

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Let EU citizens stay – new inquiry launched

16 Aug 2016, by in Politics

I’ve joined a panel set up today by centre-left think tank British Future to look at one of the knottiest problems caused by the Brexit vote in June – what to do when we leave about the EU citizens who are already living and working in the UK? The TUC and CBI have jointly called…

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Electoral system is failing younger voters

25 Jul 2016, by in Politics

There are three particular reasons– apart from the mandate given by Congress – why we need to have this conversation now. First, in 2015 we had the most reactionary government in possibly a hundred years elected with less than 25% of the vote. That cannot be right or good. Second, despite massive and highly creditable…

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Proportional Representation – It’s Time!

22 Jul 2016, by in Politics

I’ve not always been a fan of PR. I grew up in a tribal area where PR was portrayed as inevitably preventing Labour from winning back power. The strongest advocates of PR also seemed to peddle especially self-interested models that benefitted them more than anyone else and didn’t usually even seem very proportional. And compromise…

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Now is the time to take a lead on electoral reform

21 Jul 2016, by in Politics

PCS has supported proportional representation (PR) since 2008 on the basis that these electoral systems open up a space for anti-austerity policies and parties and enable trade unions to better stand up for the interests of our members. The call for PR traditionally came from minor parties who understandably felt cheated by the UK’s first…

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The trade union case for electoral reform

20 Jul 2016, by in Politics

Trade unions and workers’ movements have a proud history championing democratic reform. From the Chartists pushing for universal suffrage to the Scottish TUC’s role in the campaign for the Scottish Parliament, unions have been at the forefront of demands for a better democracy that puts people at the centre. Today, there is a new democratic…

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Getting it in proportion? Unions and electoral reform

20 Jul 2016, by in Politics

At the last TUC Congress a motion on electoral reform was passed. It began by noting that the Conservative ‘majority’ government elected in 2015 in fact secured the support of just 24% of the British electorate. Since that election, we have had to campaign hard in defence of jobs, services, and even our fundamental democratic right…

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