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#SpendingReview 2015 – the Touchstone blog round up

25 Nov 2015, by in Politics

George Osborne’s first Spending Review of the new parliament has hit the headlines for his spectacular U-turn over drastic cuts to tax credits. It avoids the hardship it would have inflicted on millions of low-paid families, though as Richard Exell points out, the cuts to Universal Credit are still there and will hit more people…

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Ending union check-off arrangements would be disruptive, centralist, and make absolutely no sense

27 Oct 2015, by in Politics

Just as it seemed the Trade Union Bill couldn’t get any worse, the government confirmed last week that it is pushing ahead with its last minute amendment to the bill – bringing in new plans to scrap check-off arrangements across the public sector. Check-off is the system through which employers make deductions for union membership via the…

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Bill no mates: Growing opposition to the trade union bill from across the political spectrum

11 Sep 2015, by in Politics

Civil liberty groups, voluntary organisations, NGOs, academics, employer organisations, groups representing users of public services, and industry commentators across the UK have joined the TUC in voicing their opposition the government’s Trade Union Bill. A selection of their comments is provided below. Former Business Secretary Vince Cable has told the Guardian the Bill marks a…

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Former BIS secretary Vince Cable attacks ‘vindictive’ trade union bill

10 Sep 2015, by in Politics

Former Business Secretary Vince Cable has today branded the government’s Trade Union Bill as “vindictive” and a threat to “civil liberties”. Speaking to the BBC Vince Cable warned that the Trade Union Bill would worsen industrial relations and make disputes harder to resolve: “I think it’s ideologically driven and I think its potentially vindictive and…

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