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What do politicians need to do about immigration?

15 Oct 2014, by in Politics

We don’t usually give advice to one party over any others – the TUC speaks on behalf of working people to all politician parties – but there’s a furious debate going on in the Labour Party at the moment about an issue we have something to say about: immigration. If other parties want to take…

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Trade unions: shaping the process of change

08 Sep 2014, by in Politics

This afternoon, the Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna, addressed delegates to the TUC’s Congress in Liverpool. Headline writers will – quite rightly – focus on Chuka’s commitment, if elected, to “end blacklisting, once and for all”, in our construction industry. But in this post, I’d like to focus on another section of Chuka’s speech. Among…

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Crack down on exploitation and undercutting, not immigrants

05 Aug 2014, by in Politics

I’ve just been at the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech on immigration in multi-cultural North Hackney. It was advertised in advance as Nick Clegg getting tough on immigration, suggesting a strategy of winning back lost voters by sounding more like the Conservative Party and UKIP, although it’s also been suggested his firmness was designed to provide cover for…

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After the crisis, can we find a different model of capitalism?

08 Jul 2014, by in Politics

Janan Ganesh, Financial Times commentator and biographer of George Osborne, writes a curious article today (‘Sharp cuts and dull protests augur ill for Labour’, Financial Times [£]). I won’t get into a discussion about dilemmas for Labour, as they are not my dilemmas. His argument about wide support for austerity as currently implemented does, however,…

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We need a Europe that works for Britain

21 May 2014, by in Politics

From today until Sunday the whole of Europe will go to the polls to elect the members of the European Parliament. There has been a steady decline in voter turnout since elections were first held in 1979 and turnout in the UK has historically been one of the lowest in the EU. Yet this remains…

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Reinfeldt’s Sweden: Waking from the dream?

19 Mar 2014, by in Politics

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is seeking re-election for a third term with his conservative Moderate Party. And as in the previous two elections, he’s running on a platform of tax cuts, designed to stimulate the economy and tackle our persistent unemployment problem. It’s a seductive argument for many Swedes, but at the Swedish Trade…

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Immigration Minister falls victim to his own laws

08 Feb 2014, by in Politics

Apart from the irony of Mark Harper’s downfall as Immigration Minister after he found he was employing a cleaner who wasn’t legally entitled to work in the UK, there are – as politicians are fond of saying to avoid responsibility – lessons to be learned. The main lesson should surely be that immigration employment laws…

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