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Today’s PISA results and the Asian challenge

03 Dec 2013, by in Economics, Politics

Today’s PISA results have, quite rightly, provoked a vigorous debate about educational standards in the UK. In headline terms, out of a total of 34 countries, the UK scores 16th for reading, 19th for maths and 14th for science. PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment, is run by the OECD every three years. I…

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More Mandarin, please!

25 Nov 2013, by in Economics, International, Politics

With apologies for late posting, I attended an excellent meeting at the RSA last Wednesday, to discuss a new book of essays, ‘Influencing Tomorrow’, co-edited by the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, and the Director of the European Leadership Network, Ian Kearns. The book addresses a wide range of foreign policy challenges and, as regular…

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What do the public think about the recovery?

20 Nov 2013, by in Politics

There’s a fascinating recent poll commissioned by Shelter from Populous. It was reported mainly for its finding that rising house prices are not as universally popular as some assume. But its findings on recovery are even more interesting. Populus asked: Thinking about the next General Election in 2015, what do you think will be the…

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Is there a swing to public ownership?

05 Nov 2013, by in Politics

There is excitement on right and left about a claimed swing in public opinion towards public ownership. YouGov report The majority of the British public – including the majority of Conservative voters – support nationalising the energy and rail companies.  Free market cheer leader Allister Heath in City AM says SLOWLY but surely, the public…

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Robin Hood spreads across the UK

27 Oct 2013, by in Politics, Public services

The Robin Hood Tax is backed by 11 member states of the European Union, but the UK government is trying to have it ruled illegal by the European Court of Justice. Do they speak for the British people? Councils across the country are saying no. Over the last six months, Councils have been responding to…

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The emerging shape of Milibandism

11 Oct 2013, by in Economics, Politics

There’s a fascinating interview with Ed Miliband in today’s FT (£). The interview, taken together with his speeches earlier this year on a new economic model, on social security and at the Labour Party conference, maps out what could be thought of as a distinctly ‘Milibandite’ approach to the economy. As he says in the…

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