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If it was safe enough to choose our new PM, online voting is safe enough for trade unions

11 Jul 2016, by in Politics

The Conservative Party leadership election has been rapid, dramatic and completely bewildering. And now with the withdrawal of the last remaining challenger to Theresa May it looks like there won’t even be a vote at all. But there’s one thing in this campaign that has been overlooked in favour of the more sensational stories dominating the media for the last…

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Government drops law letting police spy on unions

07 Jun 2016, by in Politics

There was a major climbdown from the government in last night’s parliamentary debate on the Investigatory Powers Bill, in response to an opposition amendment. The minister conceded changes that will protect unions from police warrants to seize phone records or emails. The Bill, which more people now know as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’, has been an…

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A quick note on Leave.EU’s creative accounting

19 Apr 2016, by in Politics

The Chancellor’s statement  yesterday, on the costs of Brexit has provoked some creative accounting from the Brexit campaign. Their response is built on two highly questionable statistics combined with a statement of such devil-may-care chutzpah that it seems almost heroic. Let’s take their most eye-catching statement: that the annual £4,300 per household price tag which…

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#Budget2016: TUC reaction roundup

17 Mar 2016, by in Politics

The Chancellor, George Osborne delivered the 2016 budget yesterday, here is a quick round up of reactions from our TUC bloggers: Public Service cuts £3.5bn worth of cuts to public services by 2020. The spending cuts will be identified through an ‘efficiency review’. Cuts and increased pressures on departmental budgets presents a great challenge to…

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Triple whammy defeat for government over #TUbill

16 Mar 2016, by in Politics

Members of the House of Lords voted to defeat the government three times inside three hours tonight during the report stage debate for the trade union bill. The votes concerned substantial amendments to the bill over electronic balloting for strike votes (introduced by crossbench Peer Lord Kerslake), central government-imposed caps on facility time for union…

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