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Council Tax Support: localism at half cock

03 Apr 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Why are the changes taking place this week to council tax support (née council tax benefit) across England so important? Introduced in 1993 as part of the Major government’s repair of local government taxation in the wake of the poll tax, CTB as it was known provided anyone receiving a means-tested income benefit – JSA,…

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What will the IMF do to reduce inequality?

09 Mar 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Ever since the post-war Keynesian consensus was reversed in the 1970s, unions and other social justice advocates have been lectured by mainstream economists – especially at the IMF – that economic inequality is either inevitable, or good for growth, or both. Over the last few years, inequality has grown so much while growth has petered…

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Abolishing the Independent Living Fund

06 Mar 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Today, Mike Penning, the minister “for” disabled people (their description, not mine) announced that the government is going ahead with the closure of the Independent Living Fund. You may remember that, in November, the Court of Appeal quashed their first attempt at this. Remarkably, the government is basing this decision on an equality analysis that…

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