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Making people wait longer for their benefits: The government admits it’s going to hurt vulnerable people, but are they bothered?

04 Sep 2014, by in Society & Welfare

The government has just published their statutory advisory committee’s comments on their plans to increase the waiting days for Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance. I’m not surprised that the Social Security Advisory Committee is worried that vulnerable people are likely to face extra hardship – as I pointed out in July, the Department…

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Ill health is a class and gender issue

22 Jul 2014, by in Society & Welfare

I’ve been thinking a bit about the Inequality in Healthy Life Expectancy statistics, published today. These figures show life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, broken down by gender and by how deprived the areas are where people live. Among other things, they show why defending benefits and services for people who are disabled or in…

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