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We campaign for fair employment rights, and for better jobs that give people learning opportunities, fulfillment at work and a decent work life balance.

Our enforcement system isn’t working. What’s the Taylor Review going to do about it?

21 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

The Taylor Review includes a section on “fairer enforcement”, which concludes with the statement: “The two-tier enforcement framework in the UK works”. No it doesn’t.  Two things immediately spring to mind that show this statement isn’t true: Employment tribunal fees price people out of justice. Ministry of Justice statistics show that claims have dropped by…

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The Taylor review: The yay, the meh, and the no way

11 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

The Taylor review is finally here, along with a pretty large sense of anti-climax. This isn’t the game changer those in insecure work were looking for. In assessing what it means, we’ve tried to keep in mind the people who told us about their experience of insecure work, of shifts being cancelled at the drop…

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The Taylor Review: What do we know so far?

10 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

There’s been a flurry of pre-briefing over the weekend on the Taylor report. We’ve rounded up what we know so far, and added our thoughts on what that would mean for the 3.2 million people in insecure work. Of course we’ll have to wait till the actual report is published tomorrow to give our final…

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The Taylor review: what should it say?

07 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

The long-awaited Taylor Review into “modern employment” practices is just days away from publication. It’s been talked up a great deal by ministers and cited numerous times by the Prime Minister, so it’s fair to say that expectations are high. Matthew deserves credit for his willingness to engage throughout the review. He has heard from…

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