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Getting our sums wrong!

19 Sep 2008, by in Economics, Working Life

Some have described the past week as the most turbulent for the financial system since the Great Depression. As that week closes, we must renew our focus on building a strong, sustainable economy. In particular, consideration of the needs of the ‘real’ economy, the industries that create the (real) wealth and provide the (real) jobs, is necessary. With that…

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Flexibilising inflexible bosses

09 Sep 2008, by in Working Life

The debate on flexible working and homeworking has been hotting up this week. The CBI’s Autumn Economic Statement, which was published on Monday, argues that there has been a huge increase in homeworking in recent years. However, according to the official Labour Force Survey, there has been some increase in the number of employees who can work from home…

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The CBI’s rose-tinted specs

08 Sep 2008, by in Labour market, Working Life

The CBI cannily time their annual labour market survey to the opening day of the TUC congress. Sometimes it’s what we in the communications trade call a spoiler – an attempt to muscle in on the natural media attention paid to the TUC (and of course sometimes the TUC does the same with the annual…

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Some home truths about trafficking

04 Sep 2008, by in Working Life

Research undertaken by Eaves on London’s sex industry – and the experiences of the women who can be trafficked into forced prostitution – is chilling. Some women valued at £15 a go, and recognition from male purchasers that the prices are so low they may be buying sex with slaves:

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A Conservative committment to fair employment?

28 Aug 2008, by in Labour market, Society & Welfare, Working Life

The World Health Organisation has reported that it is within the possibilties of public policy to reduce health inequalities within a generation. A key part of their proposed solution is ‘Fair Employment and Decent Work’. Given the Conservative Party’s recent interest in highlighting the ongoing inequalities in UK health, I look forward to hearing their…

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