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Unpaid overtime can’t be a blank cheque, says TUC

26 Feb 2016, by in Working Life

UK employees worked £35.1 billion worth of unpaid overtime last year, with 5.1 million employees putting in an extra 7.7 hours per week the TUC reports today for the twelfth annual Work Your Proper Hours Day. I can reveal that  there was some slightly better news, since the percentage of employees working  unpaid overtime has not kept…

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#EUreferendum: Brexit risks our employment rights

25 Feb 2016, by in Working Life

Whilst media attention focuses on the impact the EU referendum seems to be having on relations between members of the Conservative Party, there are more serious concerns about the impact the result could have on rights for working people. The reality is that many positive changes for workers in the UK have happened directly as…

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Why we need the Working Time Directive strengthened

26 Jan 2016, by in Working Life

Construction worker David Brown has won his case against his former employer after he was forced to work unacceptable hours. According to a report in Planning and Business Control Today: “Brown said he had raised concerns with his bosses on several different occasions, yet nothing was done to reduce his hours. Between June and October…

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Don’t let young people be scrooged by bad bosses

10 Dec 2015, by in Working Life

The story of 15-year-old Jay El-Leboudy is a touching tale of a young man juggling part-time work alongside his school studies in order to buy his family Christmas presents. Except that’s not how the story ends. Because whilst Jay thought his ten weeks of work would be appropriately rewarded, his employer at the Londis store…

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