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?Unemployment rate (%)
?Unemployment levels (000s)
?Employment rate (%)
?Part-time workers (000s)
?Involuntary part-time workers (000s)
?Temporary workers (000s)
?Involuntary temporary workers (000s)
?Economically inactive people (000s)
?Vacancy ratio
(claimants per job)
?Self-employed full time (000s)
?Self-employed part time (000s)
?18-24 unemployment rate (%)
?Long-term unemployment rate (%)
?AWE Annual Growth (%)
?RPI, annual growth (%)
?CPI, annual growth (%)
?Real earnings index (£)
?Real earnings index, annual growth (%)
?House Prices, annul growth (%)

Unemployment rate

The proportion of economically active adults who are unemployed

Economic indicators for 02/2016

Unemployment rate5.1%sameUnemployment levels1,692,000down
Employment rate74.2%upPart-time workers8,462,000up
Involuntary part-time workers1,196,000upTemporary workers1,649,000down
Involuntary temporary workers563,000upEconomically inactive people8,902,000down
Vacancy ratio2.2downSelf-employed full time3,328,000up
Self-employed part time1,367,000up18-24 unemployment rate12.2%same
Long-term unemployment rate27.6%upAWE Annual Growth1.9%down
RPI, annual growth1.6%upCPI, annual growth0.5%up
Real earnings index£180.4downReal earnings index, annual growth0.86%down
House Prices, annul growth7.6%down