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?Unemployment rate (%)
?Unemployment levels (000s)
?Employment rate (%)
?Employment levels (000s)
?GDP gap
(% fall since recession)
?Employment rate gap
(% fall since recession)
?Part-time workers (000s)
?Involuntary part-time workers (000s)
?Temporary workers (000s)
?Involuntary temporary workers (000s)
?Self-employed (000s)
?"Want work" rate (%)
?Economically inactive people (000s)
?Economic inactivity rate (%)
?Youth unemployment level (000s)
?Long-term unemployment level (000s)
?Vacancy ratio
(claimants per job)
?Average weekly earnings (£)
?RPI inflation (index)
?CPI inflation (index)

Unemployment rate

The proportion of economically active adults who are unemployed

Economic indicators for 03/2014

Unemployment rate6.6%downUnemployment levels2,165,000down
Employment rate72.9%upEmployment levels30,535,000up
GDP gap-0.6%sameEmployment rate gap-0.1%up
Part-time workers8,165,000downInvoluntary part-time workers1,400,000down
Temporary workers1,673,000upInvoluntary temporary workers601,000up
Self-employed4,537,000down"Want work" rate12.6%down
Economically inactive people8,816,000downEconomic inactivity rate21.8%down
Youth unemployment level852,000downLong-term unemployment level791,000down
Vacancy ratio3.4downAverage weekly earnings£478up
RPI inflation255.9upCPI inflation128up