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Living standards crisis derails deficit reduction

Geoff Tily

16 Oct 2014, by in Uncategorized

The Office for Budgetary Responsibility (OBR) today reminded us of the extent of the Coalition’s failure to reduce the deficit in recent years. Public sector net borrowing in 2013-14 was originally expected to be £60 billion; the outturn for borrowing was £108 billion (on a comparable basis). This amounts to a shortfall of nearly £50…

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#blogaction14: A big inequality between words and deeds

Owen Tudor

16 Oct 2014, by in International

Inequality has become a major political problem, and hardly any global institution hasn’t said so. The IMF, World Economic Forum, G20 and ILO. Papers have been written, presentations have been made, infographics have been tweeted. But the issue is itself marked by a huge inequality between words and deeds. Bluntly, much has been said, but little has been done.

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New calls to reverse austerity on Newsnight

Geoff Tily

15 Oct 2014, by in Economics

On Newsnight last night (14 October), an editor on The Economist and a senior economist joined the OECD and IMF challenging austerity policies. Below I have transcribed some of the discussion on the potentially deflationary conditions in the world economy between Evan Davies (ED), Zanny Minton Beddoes (ZMB), the business affairs editor of The Economist,…

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Paterson’s onshore wind blast

Philip Pearson

15 Oct 2014, by in Environment

Former environment secretary Owen Paterson wants to scrap the Climate Change Act and said climate change predictions are “wildly exaggerated” at his Global Warming Foundation lecture last night. Government energy policy risks a UK energy blackout, apparently, and onshore wind is the fatal flaw of our renewable energy strategy. Amber Rudd, Conservative Minister for Energy…

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