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Privatisation is a real and growing threat to our NHS – MPs have an opportunity to stop it

Matt Dykes

18 Nov 2014, by in Public services

Another day brings us yet another worrying example of the private take-over of NHS services. David Cameron’s dismissal of privatisation fears as “nonsense” is becoming increasingly untenable. A report from the Health Service Journal (£) shows that East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has short-listed two private companies for a £280m contract to run services for…

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People who are happy at work

Nigel Stanley

15 Nov 2014, by in Working Life

This is the third post about the recent YouGov poll on attitudes to work commissioned by the TUC. YouGov used sophisticated statistical techniques to divide the workforce into five groups based on similar patterns of responses. The cluster analysis identifies two groups distinguished by positive attitudes to aspects of their work. We look at the…

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G20 update: What test do world leaders need to meet?

Owen Tudor

15 Nov 2014, by in International

As mentioned before, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and I are in Brisbane for the G20 leaders’ summit. There’s a common consensus – including among several governments here – that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stuffed up the event (see below), but one of the taxi drivers we met asked the key question: what…

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G20/L20 update: Cameron speaks ‘Strine’ but misses out the ‘fair go’

Owen Tudor

14 Nov 2014, by in International

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has just addressed the Australian Parliament ahead of this weekend’s G20. He began with a bloke-y set of reflections on the long history of the UK-Australian relationship, full of traditional humorous references to Australian and British stereotypes and slang before talking terrorism and trade. But he shied away, throughout the…

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