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Infrastructure spending: BBC and now FT coming out in favour – the politicians from the 3 main parties next?

Geoff Tily

20 Apr 2015, by in Economics

The TUC has long championed increases in infrastructure spending, but the government has instead cut severely this vital expenditure. In an editorial in the weekend edition, the Financial Times took a big step in our direction. The shifting view was set in the context of the so-called secular stagnation debate, which is ongoing in the…

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Labour: 1m green jobs in climate change plan

Philip Pearson

20 Apr 2015, by in Environment

At the heart of Labour’ Green Plan for the next parliament is a transformative industrial strategy to create a million high productivity green jobs through investment in renewable energy, home insulation retrofits, zero carbon homes, community energy projects, carbon capture & storage, new nuclear power and flood defences. The ONS says the UK’s environmental industries…

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Black workers facing the scourge of casualisation

Wilf Sullivan

17 Apr 2015, by in Equality

The coalition government’s rhetoric on the need to reduce the financial deficit hid an agenda. This agenda aimed to reshape the economy through privatisation of public services and to destroy union organisation and hard won conditions. It aimed to enable private interests to exploit labour for even more profit. The results of this can be…

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People in poverty deserve our respect

Frances O'Grady

17 Apr 2015, by in Society & Welfare

Today an independent group of nine women published Our Lives: challenging attitudes to poverty in 2015 – I’m one of them. Our report takes seriously the experiences of people dealing with poverty; we started with the stories told to us by people in poverty and built from that to wider conclusions. We started by respecting…

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