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Time (and patience) running out for agreement on global supply chains

Stephen Russell

08 Jun 2016, by in International

As the ILO debates how to improve working conditions in Global Supply Chains, Employers are resisting responsibility for malpractice in those chains and some governments are time wasting The efforts of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to prepare an effective position on tackling widespread exploitation of workers producing goods for western companies are up against…

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Disabled people pulling down barriers across the EU

Sally Brett

08 Jun 2016, by in Equality

This week Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson warned of the risks of leaving the EU for disability rights. The response from a Vote Leave spokesman was that the UK outlawed disability discrimination long before the EU did and that “EU governments have a terrible track record in protecting the disabled, and certainly should not be able to…

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Government drops law letting police spy on unions

Paul Nowak

07 Jun 2016, by in Politics

There was a major climbdown from the government in last night’s parliamentary debate on the Investigatory Powers Bill, in response to an opposition amendment. The minister conceded changes that will protect unions from police warrants to seize phone records or emails. The Bill, which more people now know as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’, has been an…

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