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As Altmann exits, where is Workie?

Tim Sharp

18 Jul 2016, by in Pensions & Investment

Pensions Minister Baroness Altmann is to leave government, we learned over the weekend. The reshuffle fortunes of her sidekick Workie, the much lampooned multi-coloured monster she launched to promote workplace pensions, have yet to be confirmed. Altmann marked her departure from government with a letter to the Prime Minister criticising “short-term political considerations” for inhibiting…

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Note to Philip Hammond: In ALL 32 OECD countries that cut spending, economic growth was seriously damaged

Geoff Tily

14 Jul 2016, by in Economics

Since 2010, under the direction of international organisations and most economists, governments across the world have cut spending in order to restore public finances to health. OECD figures show this strategy has failed. Cuts have greatly damaged economic growth – to a far greater extent than anticipated. As a result, little order has been restored…

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G20 China: The diagnosis is in, but not the prescription

Paul Nowak

14 Jul 2016, by in International

Its hot and smoggy here in Beijing Beijing, where G20 Labour and Employment Ministers have been meeting this week, but that’s not the main source of my frustration. Instead, I’m having a hard time getting my head around what Guy Ryder, head of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), described in today’s L20 trade union meeting as the…

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The UK didn’t vote for a Brexit without a plan. Before Article 50 we need much broader negotiations

Frances O'Grady

13 Jul 2016, by in International

Two-thirds (66%) of voters want to see a broader team negotiating Brexit, including cross-party politicians, trade unions and employers. That’s the finding of a new GQRR poll we’re publishing today. That went for both remainers (69%) and leavers (65%). Only 10% of respondents thought the government should be acting unilaterally. The poll also showed that…

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