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US Senators’ beef with TTIP

Owen Tudor

11 Apr 2014, by in International

Hard on the heels of US lawmaker concerns about cheese, Senators are now asking not so much “where’s the beef?” as Sen Mondale famously did in his 1984 Presidential primary campaign, as “where’s the beef from?”  Their beef is about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the European Union demand that when a…

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Cameron promised to save UK Coal

Philip Pearson

10 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Last week the Prime Minister was asked on BBC1′s Breakfast if he was ready to act to “keep these mines alive.” “Yes”, he said, “We will do everything we can.” Today the government announced a £10m loan to UK Coal, fully repayable at a commercial interest rate in autumn 2015. All 1,300 mining jobs will…

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“UK’s coal industry is fighting for its survival”

Philip Pearson

08 Apr 2014, by in Environment

Even before UK Coal threatened to shut two of our three remaining deep mines, with the loss of up to 2,000 jobs, the government was warned  that “The UK’s coal industry is fighting for its survival.” Today’s Ministerial holding Statement said,”The future of UK Coal is primarily a commercial matter.” But much more is at stake. So much, in…

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