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CCS stuck on Amber

Philip Pearson

24 Jun 2015, by in Uncategorized

Three times today at the CCSA’s annual reception the Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, was pressed to clarify the extent of government support for carbon capture & storage (CCS). Can the supply chain bank on two CCS projects and look forward to further CCS projects? “You are asking for more certainty than I can give you…

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Whose Pride is it anyway?

Peter Purton

24 Jun 2015, by in Equality

Trade unionists have promoted the rights of LGBT members for forty years. Trade unionists negotiated equal rights at work with employers long before it was a legal requirement. Trade unionists have organised solidarity with LGBT people at home and across the world for decades. For much of the time, this was done against the opposition…

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Join the call to drop Greece’s debt

Tim Jones

23 Jun 2015, by in International

The government of Greece is in a battle with creditors to overturn austerity policies which have wreaked havoc on the country. Unemployment has been over 20% for four years. One-third of people now live in poverty. The debt cannot be paid and, for Greece to be given a chance to fight poverty and inequality, it…

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