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Immigration – confusion and inaction from government

Owen Tudor

28 Jul 2017, by in Labour market

The Home Secretary’s announcement yesterday on post-Brexit immigration plans was barely out the door before the government’s all-encompassing confusion over Brexit enveloped it. Amber Rudd’s junior minister, Brandon Lewis, contradicted her spin if not her substance, almost immediately. Meanwhile, the government continues to fail to take initiatives it could already take which would go a long way…

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Massive win for working people as Supreme Court rejects employment tribunal fees

Frances O'Grady

26 Jul 2017, by in Politics

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the government’s sky-high tribunal fees are unlawful, accepting UNISON’s argument that the fees are restricting working people’s access to justice. What’s more, the government will have to refund any fees paid since 2013 — at a cost of about £27m. It’s a massive win for working people, and we congratulate UNISON for doggedly pursuing…

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Employment Tribunal Fees found to be unlawful

Matt Creagh

26 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

Following UNISON’s legal challenge, the Supreme Court has, today, ruled that employment tribunal fees are unlawful because they price workers out of accessing justice and discriminate against women. This means that from today, employment tribunal fees will no longer apply and that all previous fees that have been paid will have to be repaid. The…

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Why don’t companies recognise that unions are essential in the fight against modern slavery?

Cindy Berman

24 Jul 2017, by in International

Everyone, it seems, is now committed to ending forced labour and child labour.  Governments, international institutions, NGOs and businesses have come under enormous pressure to do something — and to be seen to be doing something. A good example of this is a resolution on forced labour passed by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), which…

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Why multipliers matter

Geoff Tily

24 Jul 2017, by in Economics

“Nothing in economics is more potent than a simple idea whose time has come”, Gavyn Davies, October 21st 2012 The week before last, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) published a new assessment of ‘fiscal risks’ to the UK. Reporting on threats to the public finances, they warned against new spending commitments: “… new unfunded…

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