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Solidarity with Greece

Owen Tudor

26 Feb 2015, by in International

The TUC General Council yesterday agreed a statement of solidarity with the Greek people and their unions in supporting the actions of the Syriza-led government elected last month. Our support for its programme and attempt to escape austerity adds to the chorus of support from trade unionists around the world, recently reinforced by the International…

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Fantastic win for overseas domestic workers

Owen Tudor

25 Feb 2015, by in International

As the coalition government staggers towards its last days, the House of Lords has inflicted one last defeat – by just seven votes, 183-176 – over the rights of overseas domestic workers. The TUC welcomes that move (we called for it this morning) because it restores freedom from slavery for some of the most vulnerable…

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What has been happening to self-employment lately?

Anjum Klair

25 Feb 2015, by in Labour market

Self-employment has become a popular subject recently, with many commentators having various explanations for the rise in self-employment.  In this post I am aiming to clarify what’s been happening to self-employment over the long term, since 2008, over the past year, and the important difference between men’s and women’s experiences. The growth in self-employment is…

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OECD Economic Survey on the UK: All hail the ‘long-term plan’

Geoff Tily

24 Feb 2015, by in Economics

The OECD today accomplished a miracle, hailing the long-term plan, making departures from the plan seem natural, all with the illusion of delivery. “What a difference effective economic policies can make”, Ángel Gurría (the Secretary-General) gushed at the press conference, making his own the Treasury line that the deficit had been “halved”. [In June 2010 the…

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