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Democracy in the Workplace: an idea whose time has come

Tim Page

17 Jul 2014, by in Working Life

Today, the TUC launches ‘Democracy in the Workplace: Strengthening Information and Consultation’. This report is part of a wider theme, developed by the TUC in recent years, designed to give workers a say in how their companies are run. Such a say, in theory, already exists. In 2005, the Information and Consultation of Employees (ICE)…

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Why we need to save our safety net

Frances O'Grady

16 Jul 2014, by in Society & Welfare

The strategic priority of this government is to shrink the state. Despite the recovery the cuts keep on coming. What we face now is not emergency, if mistaken, economics, but political strategy. The Chancellor wants public spending to go back to where it was as a share of national wealth in 1948, according to the…

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Greening the workplace is core union business

Philip Pearson

14 Jul 2014, by in Environment

Greening the workplace is core union business. That’s the key lesson from the TUC’s 10th annual green reps conference on 11 July 2014 in London. We attracted more than 120 green union reps from right across the workplace spectrum; published a new report, The Union effect, measuring our progress on greening the workplace; and welcomed…

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