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The National Living Wage: a defence

Florence Bates

20 Apr 2016, by in Labour market

This morning’s labour market release told a similar story to what we’ve seen previously: insipid wage growth and slowly rising employment. Yet some commentators have assigned a special weight to today’s figures, take this piece in the Evening Standard on Monday for example. This is because that whilst these stats are for Dec-Feb, they are…

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A quick note on Leave.EU’s creative accounting

Kam Gill

19 Apr 2016, by in Politics

The Chancellor’s statement  yesterday, on the costs of Brexit has provoked some creative accounting from the Brexit campaign. Their response is built on two highly questionable statistics combined with a statement of such devil-may-care chutzpah that it seems almost heroic. Let’s take their most eye-catching statement: that the annual £4,300 per household price tag which…

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Own the future: Public services for the 21st century

Matt Dykes

18 Apr 2016, by in Public services

While attention is focussed on the growing financial crisis in the NHS, along comes another privatisation shambles to remind us all that the government’s funding squeeze is not the only threat to the future of our health service. The performance of non-emergency transport services since Coperforma took over the contract from the NHS’s South East…

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NHS Brexit bonanza fails to convince

John Wood

15 Apr 2016, by in Public services

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have been hitting the Brexit campaign trail to claim that quitting the EU would free up the £350m a week they say we spend on the EU to give instead to the NHS. It’s hard to know which end of this one to doubt first. The BBC’s fact checkers were…

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European pensions regulator steps back from radical funding proposals

Tim Sharp

14 Apr 2016, by in Pensions & Investment

The European pensions regulator has stepped back from an attempt to standardise pension funding rules across the European Union. The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has concluded, rather unsurprisingly, that the diversity of European pension schemes means that harmonising capital or funding requirements for IORPs is not suitable “at this point in time”.…

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