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The curious question of who’s in favour of ISDS?

Owen Tudor

27 Oct 2014, by in International

Another day, another trade agreement, another argument about Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), the process by which foreign investors get to seek compensation if the actions of elected governments aren’t in the interests of those investors (never mind whether they’re in the interests of the people who elected the governments!) Last Thursday, Singapore blew the European Commission’s cover.…

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Barroso’s bizarre claim about secret corporate courts in trade deals

Owen Tudor

25 Oct 2014, by in International

We’re often told that we’re scare-mongering and spreading myths about the trade agreements under negotiation by the EU like those with Canada (CETA) and the USA (TTIP). In particular, when we say that the bizarre corporate power-grab of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is the unacceptable face of global multinationalism, we’re accused of misunderstanding or worse. So…

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ETUC says 1m jobs at stake in EU climate summit

Philip Pearson

23 Oct 2014, by in Environment

Nearly a million potential jobs will be lost if EU leaders fail to agree strong climate and energy targets at a summit starting on Thursday, according to the head of Europe’s trade union movement. The ETUC’s Bernadette Ségol warned that the proposed targets were too low to reap the benefits of a new clean energy…

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Frugal innovation and the role of trade unions

Tim Page

22 Oct 2014, by in Economics

I was at the RSA yesterday, enjoying a half-day conference on innovation run by the always-inspiring Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Sussex University. When we think of innovation today, we are most likely to think of the latest mobile device or app. Indeed, it is SPRU’s Mariana Mazzucato whose book, ‘The Entrepreneurial State’, describes…

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Unions and industry call for 40% cut in EU emissions

Philip Pearson

22 Oct 2014, by in Environment

Both the CBI and the European Trade Union Confederation are calling on EU heads of state to back a 40% cut in the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Unions also want the so-called 2030 energy-climate package negotiations now underway in Brussels to step up investment in renewables and energy efficiency, backed by national targets.

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Webb must press on with revealing pensions industry’s “murky secret”

Tim Sharp

21 Oct 2014, by in Pensions & Investment

Given the enthusiasm for whizz-bang novelties in recent Coalition pensions policy making, Pensions Minister Steve Webb is to be congratulated for pressing on with the long-awaited charge cap.  I have written a blog for Pensions Insight about the Government’s decision to limit some charges in some pension funds from April, and Mr Webb’s initial moves to unmask notoriously opaque transaction costs, which…

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The strengths – and the big political weakness – of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission Report

Richard Exell

20 Oct 2014, by in Society & Welfare

(Warning: long post.) The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission’s State of the Nation 2014 report is an extraordinarily rich document, and everyone concerned about social mobility and child poverty should read it carefully. If the twittersphere is anything to go by, a lot of the media coverage will focus on Alan Milburn’s insistence that…

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