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Domestic violence – not just a domestic issue

Scarlet Harris

13 Aug 2014, by in Equality

Domestic violence may happen behind closed doors but it has far reaching consequences beyond the home and often has a significant impact on the working lives of those (the majority of whom are women) living with an abusive partner. The scale of the problem is huge. In the UK, in any one year, more than…

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EU and Canada “finalise” free trade agreement

Tony Burke

08 Aug 2014, by in International

Whilst most eyes in the trade union and labour movement in the EU and the USA have rightly been focused on the highly controversial Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP) – the proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the USA - the free trade deal between the EU and Canada (the Comprehensive Economic…

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One North?

Geoff Tily

05 Aug 2014, by in Economics

To try and make political capital from the regional economic performance is bold indeed. We should remind ourselves of the actual historic performance of the North and other regions and countries behind the Treasury’s imaginative projections and striking billions of pounds. For the data show that under the coalition regional economic disparities have seen a…

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Striving for Growth with Opportunity: Job Polarisation should be a concern of Industrial Strategy

Adrien Dumoulin-Smith

05 Aug 2014, by in Economics

For many years, the TUC has advocated for a modern industrial strategy that brings together government, business and trade unions. It has presented options for inclusive economic growth with increased opportunity and more quality jobs, rather than unsustainable GDP growth with little attention given to the nature of work. Last year, an industrial strategy was…

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Crack down on exploitation and undercutting, not immigrants

Owen Tudor

05 Aug 2014, by in Politics

I’ve just been at the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech on immigration in multi-cultural North Hackney. It was advertised in advance as Nick Clegg getting tough on immigration, suggesting a strategy of winning back lost voters by sounding more like the Conservative Party and UKIP, although it’s also been suggested his firmness was designed to provide cover for…

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