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How can we respond to Trumponomics?

Tim Page

01 Feb 2017, by in Economics

How to respond to the populism and protectionism of Donald Trump will be one of the biggest challenges facing mainstream economists and politicians in 2017. A good starting point for that debate might be Martin Wolf’s wide ranging article in today’s Financial Times, ‘Donald Trump’s tough talk will not bring US jobs back’(£). Wolf’s argument…

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MPs debate Brexit: we want to know what will happen to our rights at work

Owen Tudor

31 Jan 2017, by in Politics

Today, the second reading debate for the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2016-17 begins. Or in shorthand, MPs will finally start debating Article 50, or the start of the Brexit negotiations. It has taken a long time to get something substantive debated – something more than just opinions – so we want something concrete about working people’s rights.…

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Brexit is too important to be left to Westminster

Owen Reidy

27 Jan 2017, by in International

The UK Supreme Court judgement has finally clarified the key role of parliament in triggering Article 50. That judgement reinforced the centrality of elected politicians to decisions that will shape the future of the UK, as opposed to the Prime Minister assuming Royal Prerogative. At least now MPs will have the opportunity to challenge and…

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What are robots for?

Helen Nadin

27 Jan 2017, by in Economics

It would seem digitisation is occurring, at a greater or lesser pace in different countries. There are ever-more sophisticated computers, robots and advances in AI. Whether we are on the tipping point of a fourth industrial revolution, is a pertinent question. Digitisation could have both positive and negative consequences for workers and society. We should…

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Tackling fraudulent & abusive recruitment: ILO signs new anti-slavery pledge with UK

Owen Tudor

26 Jan 2017, by in International

This afternoon I was at the Home Office to witness the signing of a ‘letter of intent’ between the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) about collaboration in the fight against fraudulent and abusive recruitment practices, forced labour and people trafficking. This is a global first, and builds on…

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