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Heading for the methane crunch?

Philip Pearson

23 Sep 2008, by in Environment

Good to see Chris Davies MEP, the European Parliament’s lead on carbon capture & storage, not letting the financial crisis derail investment in new green technologies. He is looking for support for 10 billion euros worth of carbon allowances to finance large-scale clean coal demonstration projects. Davies was speaking at the launch in Brussels of…

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What would Keir Hardie do?

Richard Exell

23 Sep 2008, by in Labour market, Society & Welfare

“Go back to Keir Hardie, and his maiden speech in the Commons in 1893 was about people working in return for their benefits. This has always been at the heart of what the Labour movement believes in.” James Purnell interviewed in Fabian Review, autumn 2008, p 10, (not on the Fabian website yet) I suppose…

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the left and the financial crisis

Nigel Stanley

19 Sep 2008, by in Economics

Economic policy has been unfashionable on the left (in its broadest sense) for more than a decade. New Labour has never been very interested in developing a critique of the way the economy worked. Despite real efforts to relieve poverty through tax credits, the minimum wage and other measures, it has always wanted to be the…

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Getting our sums wrong!

Tim Page

19 Sep 2008, by in Economics, Working Life

Some have described the past week as the most turbulent for the financial system since the Great Depression. As that week closes, we must renew our focus on building a strong, sustainable economy. In particular, consideration of the needs of the ‘real’ economy, the industries that create the (real) wealth and provide the (real) jobs, is necessary. With that…

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