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Conservatives combine regressive rhetoric with confusion

Nicola Smith

28 Nov 2008, by in Working Life

Tory proposals now appear to combine a regressive attitude to employment protection with a basic lack of understanding. Citizens Advice have highlighted a fascinating article in the Daily Telegraph, which cites CBI experts on the “the weight of new and vexatious claims” which the tribunal system is straining under. This is a subject near to…

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The politics of the PBR

Nigel Stanley

24 Nov 2008, by in Politics

Much political journalism these days seems to be written by people who would rather be sports reporters. Who’s in the team, who’s heading for relegation or who had a good game are more frequently written about than the policy or ideological issues that are at stake.

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A good deal more green

Philip Pearson

24 Nov 2008, by in Environment

This isn’t a green new deal, but the Chancellor has dealt a few green cards. £535 million in new investment plus money brought forward for environmental projects is likely to be jobs-rich – in homes insulation and central heating packages, train making and flood defences. This includes:

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