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The Conservatives’ economic policy: what are they up to?

Adam Lent

19 Nov 2008, by in Economics, Politics

A lot of people I speak to are expressing some bemusement at the Conservative Party’s increasingly hard line on Brown’s fiscal stimulus policy and are trying to come up with explanations.  Many wonder if Osborne’s and Cameron’s recent statements represent some irresistible pressure for a return to full-blooded Thatcherism demanded by the Tory grassroots and The Daily…

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Putting recession into context – our first monthly report

Nicola Smith

18 Nov 2008, by in Economic Reports, Economics, Labour market, Working Life

Today we launched our first Recession Report. This monthly series will provide ongoing analysis of labour market trends and forecasts, and provide some of the facts behind the headlines. It will also consider how the recession is impacting upon particular policy areas, and in the November edition we provide a focus on vulnerable employment.

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FT writers compete for ‘most complacent’ title

Owen Tudor

15 Nov 2008, by in Economics, Politics

As activists, campaigners and most people in the global south demand a new global economic and financial settlement, the west’s business media are alive with the sound of staggering complacency and self-centredness and nowhere is that clearer than in Friday’s blogs from the FT’s Brussels and Foreign affairs editors, Tony Barber and Gideon Rachman.

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I spoke too soon

Nigel Stanley

14 Nov 2008, by in Economics, Labour market, Society & Welfare

Yesterday I said that Tony McNulty’s response to the TUC’s call for a modest rise in JSA had gone unreported. But readers of the Sun and Daily Mail were treated to an extended version – which while only quoting “a source”  used identical language. The Mail says: “The biggest crackdown on unemployment benefits for more…

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P.S. Price of carbon also hit by recession

Philip Pearson

13 Nov 2008, by in Environment

It’s not hit the headlines yet, but the recession is also driving down the market price of carbon. It’s fallen by 25% in the past month to 18 euros a tonne of CO2, drifting down towards values that cannot hope to drive the introduction of alternative low carbon industrial technologies. Nor tackle the projected rise…

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Concerning trends for younger and older workers

Nicola Smith

12 Nov 2008, by in Economics, Society & Welfare

Our initial analysis of this morning’s unemployment figures shows that a number of distrurbing trends are starting to emerge. Of particular concern is the increase in unemployment among young people, a 10 per cent quarterly increase compared to an 8.3 per cent increase among all economically active adults. Longer term unemployment is also increasing among the under…

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