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The FT’s must reads

Nigel Stanley

03 Oct 2008, by in Economics

The op-ed page of the FT today is pretty essential. Both John Monks, now of the ETUC, but my old boss, and Nick Clegg , of the Liberal Democrats, stress the need for a European response to the financial crisis. The anger in the UK government at the Irish decision to provide unlimited protection for…

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Science, civilisation and humanity

Tim Page

02 Oct 2008, by in Economics

Yesterday saw the publication of Professor Bill Wakeham’s report into the health of UK physics. The Wakeham Review had a strange remit. It seemed to be a response to controversy about the short-term funding settlement for physics, yet it was asked to take a long-term look, deliberately not addressing immediate concerns.

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Wanted: new industry policy to support UK manufacturing

Tim Page

01 Oct 2008, by in Economics

Today’s report from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, showing that British manufacturing is shrinking at its fastest rate since records began, is more evidence, if more were needed, of the challenges facing the British economy. Levels of output, new orders and employment in the manufacturing sector recorded unprecedented declines last month, according to the…

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Tories even harsher to the unemployed

Richard Exell

30 Sep 2008, by in Labour market, Society & Welfare

I’ve been using this blog to moan about the Government’s harsh line on unemployed people, and on benefit claimants more generally, but you can rely on the Conservative Party conference to prove that there’s still clear blue water between Labour and the Opposition. Chris Grayling, the Conservative spokesperson, seems to believe that the reason we…

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