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the have-nots and the have-yachts

Nigel Stanley

30 Oct 2008, by in Society & Welfare

I’ve just spotted on the HMRC website that the contact details for the national minimum wage helpline are next to: National Yachtline For information about sailing your yacht or pleasurecraft to and from the UK Yes, I know that not all yachts are owned by Russian oligarchs and some are modest, but it still says something…

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Today is women’s no pay day

Nicola Smith

30 Oct 2008, by in Equality

Women working full-time in the UK get paid 17% less than men. As this is equivalent to women working the last two months of the year for free, the Fawcett Society have calcuated that today marks women’s no pay day – from today until the end of the year many women are effectively working for free, their…

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The Keynesian battle lines open up

Nigel Stanley

27 Oct 2008, by in Economics, Politics

When the economy is growing and unemployment low, political debate is about how to distribute the fruits of growth. Of course that can be intense and ideological. In as much as there has been a dominant issue in recent elections, it has been tax cuts v public services. But just as easily the debate becomes a difference in emphasis that does…

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They Just Don’t Get It #6: The Global Economic Summmit

Adam Lent

22 Oct 2008, by in Economics

So the global economic summit designed to rethink the world’s financial architecture is going to happen in Washington next month.  The White House said it will be an important opportunity for world leaders to enhance their commitment to open, competitive economies, as well as trade and investment liberalisation. Investment liberalisation!?  Isn’t that the problem?  Surely…

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Breaking the secrecy code

Nigel Stanley

22 Oct 2008, by in Society & Welfare

Today’s papers are full of the varying accounts of George Osborne’s yachting trips. But it’s hard not to conclude that his real crime in the eyes of Nathaniel Rothschild is that he has broken the secrecy code of the super-rich, and brought us all a glimpse of their detached lifestyle.

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Bush: trade sanctions on Bolivia for NOT restricting trade

Owen Tudor

20 Oct 2008, by in Economics, International

OK, to be honest, Bush’s sanctions on Bolivia are about Bolivia’s alleged failure to control drug trafficking, rather than trade generally. But I’m at a Wilton Park conference on labour/environmental standards in trade agreements, and the irony struck me. At our conference, trade unionists, employers and trade negotiators are disagreeing about whether the World Trade…

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