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Welcome to the ToUChstone blog

11 Aug 2008, by in Blogging

Welcome to the ToUChstone blog. This is an informal blog by TUC staff about policy issues that are in the news, or that ought to be.

Contributions should not be taken as formal statements of TUC policy. While written from a TUC perspective, contributions will often cover areas where there is yet no settled TUC policy and go into areas in more detail than our formal decisions. And we want to avoid a dull corporate blog that simply strings together press releases and committee papers. You can always read them in their proper context on the TUC website (

It is called the ToUChstone blog because that is also the name of the new series of pamphlets produced by the TUC ( designed to influence public debate and discuss policy areas in a strategic way without formally committing the TUC.

TUC staff are free to contribute as often or as little as they wish. That will inevitably mean some subjects get more coverage than others. This should not be taken as any indication of TUC priorities, simply that some people like blogging more than others.

This blog covers public policy and closely connected topics. It does not deal with many equally valid union concerns and priorities. Some of these are covered by the TUC’s organising blog at and other blogs to which we link.

We welcome debate and do not expect everyone to agree with us, but this is our blog and we will remove posts that are offensive, irrelevant or otherwise annoy.

One Response to Welcome to the ToUChstone blog

  1. newunionism
    Sep 24th 2008, 9:21 am

    Congratulations to the TUC and to the folk who’ve been building up this blog. The debates you’re commenting on here are generally fought out behind closed doors between academics and policy wonks – & framed in such a way that most of the public stays well away. Who better to challenge this than the union movement? Members have a sense that the TUC is working up alternatives, but this blog provides an “in” on that work… on the thinking rather than the thought. And the contributors really get it: this is an informal medium – showing a bit of attitude is just fine. Blog of the year, in my view.