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The sad plight of well-paid men in the media

27 Aug 2008, by in Labour market, Politics, Society & Welfare

Jeremy Paxman is appalled that middle class white men are facing ongoing discrimination in the television industry.  As the Fawcett Society has noted, the problem doesn’t exist in the first place, and unsurpsisingly it is women working in the media who are in the minority. 

On the other hand, real labour market injustice is not hard to locate – for example 22% of migrant domestic workers have experienced physical violence at work, at least 175,000 women earn less than the minimum wage, 12,674,000 working women earn an average of at least 17.2 per cent less than men and some ethnic minority women face a much greater pay gap.

It’s a shame that more middle class white men in television don’t notice.