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#4 Do the Super-Rich matter?

07 Sep 2008, by in Economics, Society & Welfare

Do the Super-Rich matter?

Pamphlet #4: Do the Super-Rich Matter?

It’s the controversy that is becoming symbolic of a wider debate about the future direction of the UK. Should we be ‘intensely relaxed’ about the super-rich, as Peter Mandelson claimed?

Or are they symptomatic of something fundamentally wrong with Britain? Do the Super-Rich Matter? forensically analyses the impact the wealthiest are having on our wellbeing. It reveals an economy increasingly skewed to serve the interests of a tiny minority and a society losing touch with a basic sense of fairness.

Uniquely, Do the Super-Rich Matter? proposes a bold programme to address these worrying trends.

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    […] Inequality that arises on the basis of meritocracy is easier to justify than inequality based on class background for sure, but it is still inequality. The big progressive challenge in the UK remains reducing the obscene levels of inequality that arose during the eighties and nineties, and have not changed that much since 1997 as many worthwhile government initiatives were overtaken by the growth of the super-rich. […]