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‘Green and decent jobs’ goes global

30 Sep 2008, by in Environment

Hard on the heels of Gordon Brown’s vision of 1million new green jobs by 2030 or maybe sooner, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has launched a major new study of the global employment opportunities and risks of a low carbon  future.

Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low Carbon World is a joint study between the ITUC, ILO and UNEP. It offers a trade union vision of green and decent jobs. Calls for action to create millions of new environmentally-friendly jobs around the world – in renewables, mass transport, electric vehicles . And highlights the need for a just and fair transition for workers and their families affected both by climate change itself and by government policy

With evidence that Government spending on R&D in energy is falling, the report argues that this is no time to cut investment in green industries. Massive new funding streams are required to finance a green New Deal – eg revenues from emission trading auctions; windfall taxes on excessive energy sector profits.

To bring a true sense of justice and equity to the centre of climate change policy, ITUC General Secretary Guy Ryder calls for genuine social dialogue between Governments, industry and trade unions to develop inclusive just transition strategies, in developed and developing nations. This will be a key ITUC demand for the new Kyoto Treaty talks in Posnan this December.

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