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Feed-in tariff – a green answer to recession

16 Oct 2008, by in Environment

Quick off the mark, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Ed Miliband, has just announced amendments to the Energy Bill to support a feed-in tariff for small scale power generation.

A win-win for climate change and the economy (and a big shift in the Government’s position). The TUC and the many supporters of a feed-in tariff believe it will kick start a new microgeneration industry – a green answer to the economic slow down. First, we’d urge the Government to bring in these powers urgently, so we can catch up with our EU competitors, like Germany and Denmark, which have tens of thousands of workers in the renewables industries. And second, could the major power utilities now drop their opposition?

So, we need a date for enactment, so this industry can prepare for growth. And the feed-in tariff needs to cover both renewable power and heat supply.

On the jobs front, Germany has implemented a renewable energy tariff. This has led directly to the installation of 130,000 solar power units in 2007 alone and the creation of a renewable energy sector employing 249,000 people compared to 7,000 people in the UK. The German renewable energy sector now has a turnover of 24 billion euros.