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Despite the financial crisis, life goes on

09 Oct 2008, by in Labour market, Working Life

The headlines are dominated by banking bailouts. But what would we have been thinking about this week if city bankers had been a bit less flash with their cash? The Fawcett Society could have generated more coverage for a different aspect of city failure – widespread sexism. Women workers losing their jobs because of pregnancy, a culture of office pornography and thousands of pounds spent on lap dancing clubs and ‘extra services’.

And we would have heard a bit more about the Refugee Council’s campaign to highlight the lives of asylum seekers living on vouchers. No bail out for people surviving on £35 a week.

Advice week might have have got more pick up – we could have learnt more about how important yet underfunded our advice services are, and what Piers Morgan would advise us all to do.

Finally, moving away from the labour market but it made me smile, someone might have picked up on the new charitable concern for knitting miniature items of clothing for drinks bottles –  Age Concern would like us to knit bobble hats for smoothies and Shelter are encouraging mini-scarves for Ginger Essence. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that life goes on.