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PBR liveblog roundup

24 Nov 2008, by in Blogging

Our thought are over here, but what’s the rest of the UK blogosphere saying? Mick Fealty, Richard MurphyConservative Home, Dizzy, Lib Dem Voice and Iain Dale are watching closely too.

Compass welcomes the trailed top rate announcement as potentially clear red water.

Hopi Sen is getting his pre-emptive strike in early by getting cross with the media.

Jon Rogers says giving lower paid public sector workers a decent pay deal could be reflationary, as the lower paid have a high “marginal propensity to consume”.

Bob Piper is watching the VAT announcement’s timing for election signals.

Dave Osler thinks the 45% tax band is historically modest – even recent history – but makes an important symbol.

Spectator Coffee House says the PBR’s concrete plans may place pressure on Gordon Brown by cramping the flexibility he’s shown in dealing with the crisis so far.

Tom Freeman told us so.

Tom Harris thinks the main difference between Darling’s package of measures and Osborne’s is that the Chancellor’s plan actually exists

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