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ITUC Breakthrough! – Just Transition and green workplaces in UN final draft treaty

03 Dec 2008, by in Environment

Christmas came early for the ITUC trade union delegation in Poznan for the UN climate treaty conference. ITUC coordinator Anabella Rosemberg reports that the ITUC’s status within the treaty has been formally recognised, as a full Observer body to the UN process.

This gives full access to meetings, rights to speak, better facilities. But second and best of all, the UN included all the ITUC’s key strategic proposals in a key discussion document for Poznan here – including just transition and green workplaces.

The UN’s report, now in the hands of delegates, which puts together proposals from Governments and Observer bodies, includes these key ITUC demands:

  • Include a “just transition” framework and integrate a “social driver in the process leading to a low carbon economy.
  • Assessing labour market impacts and adopting transition measures.
  • Promoting labour management initiatives for “greener workplaces”.
  • Using labour policies to identify opportunities for green jobs, greening existing jobs, and phasing out unsustainable jobs.
  • Need for analysis of the social and economic effects of mitigation policies … on jobs, incomes, competitiveness and poverty.
  • Public procurement contracts should include specifications for labour and environmental sustainability standards.
  • To develop training programmes for workers and entrepreneurs … to avoid bottleneck effect due to lack of trained workforce, as is currently happening in the renewable energy field.
  • Capacity building fund for developing countries.

Ideas and proposals from the Bali Action Plan:: FCCC/AWGLCA/2008/16.

Reps from the ITUC delegation are due to meet the conference chair later this week, so there are reasons to believe we can hold on to these gains.