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Digby Jones: get a life!

16 Jan 2009, by Guest in Labour market, Politics, Working Life

At first I thought that Digby Jones’ was being ironic when he claimed that being a junior government minister was “one of the most dehumanising and depersonalising experiences” anyone could have.  But then I recall that this is the same man who chose “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner as one of his Desert Island Discs and I realise this isn’t a guy who does irony.

In which case, he might want to have a look at last year’s report from the Commission on Vulnerable Employment.  It’s packed full of case studies of working lives that come just a little bit closer to being “dehumanising” than the high status, high pay lifestyle of a minister. If he bothered to read the report, he’d reject it as rubbish of course. After all Digby used to head up the CBI, the organisation that repeatedly resists any regulatory change to make the lives of the least secure employees better.

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  1. Brian Edmonds
    Jan 17th 2009, 3:59 pm

    Social mobility requires hard work, determination to improve your lot, access to education, parental support and some luck.

    The first two steps are in the hands of the individual, society has a responsibility to aid this self awareness.

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