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In a global crisis, look at what global unions have to say

30 Jan 2009, by in Economics, International, Web links

The TUC website doesn’t as a rule reproduce material appearing elsewhere on the web: a sensible precaution against both the proliferation of repeats, and the repeating of errors. But it does mean that people who use the TUC website (for instance, British trade unionists) don’t necessarily see useful material produced by the international trade union organisations that they are, through the TUC, paying for. And in a global crisis, that can mean missing a lot of really good stuff. Like what the ITUC and ETUC are saying at Davos, for instance.

John Monks of the European Trade Union Confederation is warning that unless social Europe is maintained (and globalised, one might add) then the result will be growing support for protectionism, contributing to a downward spiral in to the sort of slump seen in the 1930s. And the International Trade Union Confederation is setting out a coherent plan for coping at global and national level with the global recession. Indeed the ITUC and its partner organisation, the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD, have been turning out excellent materials on the crisis and what to do about it since the G20 Washington Summit – and doing so from the World Social Forum in the heart of Amazonia to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

If you’re following the global crisis, and if you’re looking for ideas about responding to it, you should be a regular visitor to the ETUC, ITUC and TUAC home pages. There’s even a page devoted to what trade unionists all over the world are saying.